Pucker up! Dames Judi Dench and Joanna Lumley greeted like old pals by Queen Camilla

Jun 18, 2023
Queen Camilla breaks royal protocol greet her gal pals. Source: Getty

Arriving at her Big Book Club event, Queen Camilla has ignored royal protocol to give her gal pals Judi Dench and Joana Lumley a warm greeting.

King Charles was the first to greet the actresses having arrived at his wife’s event first, Queen Camilla encountered weather-related transportation challenges causing a slight delay.

Catching everyone’s attention in a striking blue jumpsuit designed by Anna Valentine, Camilla made her way towards her friends and despite both the dames offering a curtsey, the Queen planted friendly kisses on their cheeks.

Dench was the picture of elegance in her black tailored jacket and crisp white top, accentuated by a tastefully adorned brooch and red tartan scarf gracefully draped over one shoulder.

Lumley looked exquisite in a colourful ensemble featuring shades of aqua, blue and brown, paired with a subtle pair of nude heels.

As she greeted Lumley, the Queen explained her lateness: “Everything was shut.”

“We were grey with anxiety but it’s all fine now!,” Lumley replied.

While there are no strict protocols regarding greeting the Queen or members of the royal family, tradition suggests that men may opt to bow their heads, while women may choose to curtsy as a sign of respect. Alternatively, a handshake is entirely appropriate, while embracing with a hug is not customary.

The beloved James Bond and Absolutely Fabulous stars were amongst several notable figures, such as Richard E. Grant and Sir Derek Jacobi, to attend the first reception of The Queen’s Reading Room literary festival held at the Hampton Court Palace.

The Queen’s Reading Room is a charity initiative focusing on nurturing a deep appreciation for literary works throughout different generations.

Having a love for the literary herself, Dench was a speaker for the Queen’s event, where she discussed her passion for Shakespeare.

The festival is a result of the triumph of Queen Camilla’s Instagram book club, which commenced in January 2021, seeing a growing community of over 160,000 followers.

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