Guest reveals the Queen’s funny comments at Princess Eugenie’s wedding

Sep 12, 2020
The Queen is known for her sense of humour. Source: Getty.

Her Majesty the Queen is known for her sense of humour and quick-wit, and now a guest at Princess Eugenie’s wedding has revealed the hilarious comments she made throughout her granddaughter’s special day.

British model Pixie Geldof provided an insight into what it was really like to attend the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank in October 2018 – despite her disappointment that she did not get to meet the Queen personally.

Speaking on podcast What Were You Thinking?, the 29-year-old daughter of Sir Bob Geldof, said: “I didn’t and I’m fuming, but also it really makes me laugh because Eug [Eugenie] will say things like, ‘yeah, I know Granny,’ … I guess she’s the nation’s granny really. But no, I didn’t meet her.”

However she went on to reveal some of the comments the Queen made to fellow guests, reports Hello! telling host Henry Holland: “[The Queen] was walking around and she was saying things like ‘well, it’s great that I have a house big enough that I can hold all these guests’ and things like that.

“She was being funny, which I’m obsessed with. And she was being like, ‘welcome to my home.’ It’s amazing.”

This isn’t the first time the Queen has given a rare glimpse at her incredibly witty sense of humour though as last year Her Majesty was praised by TV viewers for effortlessly delivering her own series of funny remarks – managing to put her nervous guests at ease within seconds.

In footage from the second part of Queen Of The World – which aired on Channel 7 in October 2018 – the 93-year-old monarch was seen hosting a small gathering with three young (and very nervous) Commonwealth leaders. While the youngsters appeared lost for words at times, the Queen proved a natural after years of practice as she expertly put them at ease with some light-hearted comments – turning the daunting private Buckingham Palace audience into more of an informal chat.

At one point during the chat, the Queen made a surprising joke to a Tonga women’s rights activist, Elizabeth Kiteabout, about some nose flutes she heard during her visit there in 1953. “We had people playing nose flutes outside our window,” she said. “The most extraordinary thing… It sounds awfully uncomfortable but they play rather well.”

She swiftly followed it with yet another funny comment, as she admitted: “The only thing I found difficult was sitting crossed-legged.” As Kiteabout responded by saying it can prove uncomfortable, the Queen agreed and added: “It’s quite painful for people who are not built in the same direction.”

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