Moment guest breaks royal protocol with Queen, only to be scolded on camera

Laura-Ann had chance to talk face to face with the Queen. Source: Instagram/all.thats.pretty.

Attending a royal event, especially when you have the chance of coming close to the Queen herself, comes with some strict rules and decades-old traditions.

But one royal guest dared to push the boundaries at a recent Buckingham Palace garden party and managed to get Her Majesty to break royal protocol on camera.

Belfast woman Laura-Ann was waiting in line with other guests as the Queen, dressed in a pretty pink outfit for the occasion, slowly walked past and smiled at each of them.

However, in a rare move, she managed to catch Her Majesty’s eye by holding out some flowers in front of her as she passed and she stopped in front of her to say hello.

Filming the entire moment for her Instagram page, Laura-Ann can be seen speaking to the 93-year-old before offering her a bunch of flowers and saying: “Your Majesty I’ve bought some flowers for you.”

It’s strictly against royal protocol to offer flowers directly to the Queen, with fans instead urged to pass them to staff members who can then keep hold of them. Laura-Ann later explained she managed to sneak them into the party in her handbag.

“You look beautiful in pink today, have a lovely tea”, Laura-Ann added, to which the royal responded: “Thank you very much”.

The Queen accepted the flowers herself before quickly passing them on to her staff members, and then to her lady-in-waiting behind her.

Rushing over to explain the faux pas, the lady-in-waiting said to the shocked guest: “It’s easier for me to carry them, then the Queen can have them when she goes indoors.”

Bursting into shocked laughter, Laura-Ann appeared overwhelmed with what she’d achieved and later told Hello! magazine: “I didn’t see anyone else with flowers, I suppose it’s not really meant to be done at a garden party but I was only going to have one chance of meeting the Queen and I was going to give it my all.”

She added: “It was very surreal. I really didn’t think I would get the opportunity but she smiled so warmly at me and thanked me very much. There were 8,000 people there and I honestly couldn’t believe my luck. She was walking towards me and happened to look up and briefly made eye contact.”

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Elsewhere, keeping her Instagram followers updated on the day Laura-Ann also revealed that they had enjoyed a menu including jackfruit wraps, smoked salmon bagels and a selection of crustless finger sandwiches with fillings including egg mayonnaise, summer beans with carrot, and gammon and mustard.

Would you attempt something like this? Do you like it when royal break protocol?

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