‘Restored faith in humanity’: Woolies worker surprises shopper with moving note

Oct 13, 2020
The worker at Woolworths shared the heartfelt note with the shopper. Source: Getty.

A little bit of kindness can go a long way according to a Woolworths shopper who found a special surprise in her home delivery package that left her feeling “misty eyed” and helped to restore her faith in humanity.

When finalising her online shop, Leanne left a note on the delivery order thanking Woolies packers for the “valuable” work they do. She added that, because of her health, she was unable to go shopping and shared her appreciation for the person who could do it for her.

But when unpacking her groceries, Leanne was hit with an emotional surprise in the form of a sweet handwritten note from the worker who packed her groceries. The note read: “Thank you for your very kind message. It’s lovely customers like you who make our job worthwhile.

“I hope everything I have picked for you today is nutritious and what you wanted. I wish you a peaceful week with no pain and lots of love to surround you. Your Woolworths Picker xx.”


According to Leanne, the surprise note was a welcome surprise. “I’ll happily admit that I got all misty eyed for so many reasons,” she wrote on Facebook. “It restores your faith in humanity. After a challenging morning it put a smile on my face to accompany the gratitude tears.

“It made me feel like a person and not just a delivery number. Most importantly it has created a memory that will stay with me long after the note is taken off my fridge where it’s currently on display.”

In response to the sweet post, a spokesperson from Woolworths commended the “heartwarming feedback” from the satisfied customer. “This is so lovely to hear and we appreciate you taking the time to send this through. We’re also glad to know that this is something you’ll remember forever.”

This random act of kindness during these tough times wasn’t an isolated event with plenty of people stepping up to the mark to put a much needed smile on people’s faces. Earlier this year a woman was brought to tears when she found a note in her letter box that read: “Had some luck, paying it forward,” with $100 attached to it.

The woman, who was on a disability pension, had been stuck in self-isolation and was unable to work due to a host of medical conditions. When she received the note she said she was stuck on her last $16 and was unsure of how she’d make it through the week.

“I was wondering how I would survive next week as I don’t get my pension for another 11 days,” she said. “This could not have come at a better time. I literally would have just over $16 to last me.”

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