Polly gets plastered: WA vets report high numbers of boozed up parrots

Dec 22, 2021

Parrots are getting absolutely squawked in North Western Australia, with vets reporting a massive uptick in the number of birds being brought in for treatment, presenting with strange symptoms.

Reportedly, birds are flying into windows, or being unable to move, but still alive. Vets are reporting that this is happening due to red-winged parrots overindulging in fallen mangoes.

When fruit falls and is left to rot, it can ferment and become quite alcoholic, with a 2007 research report by L. Veeranjaneya Reddy and O. Vijaya Sarathi Reddy showing that the strength of ethanol being produced due to the fermentation of mangoes is usually between 8.5 and 10 per cent. According to this study, this brings the natural ethanol production of rotting mangoes near to “industrial level”.

This essentially means that parrots have been drinking pure ethanol, straight from rotting mangoes – it’s no wonder they’re getting absolutely rolled!

However, Avian expert and trainer Lee Stone spoke to 3AW  and said that this was concerning, as it leaves the red-winged parrots open to being eaten by predators, or being even being injured.

For the bird lovers out there, red-winged parrots or aprosmictus erythropterus are a bright green parrot with red shoulder patches, and a blue rump while in flight.  The males often have a black back, however, variances in colour occur when found in different habitats. Beautiful!


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Have you ever spotted a boozy animal?

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