Attack on Australia: PM in global billboards, forced to agree to Net Zero

Oct 19, 2021
Scott Morrison has been backed into a corner regarding Net Zero Emissions. Source: Getty Images.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been backed into a corner regarding Australia’s lack of commitment to a net-zero emissions target.

Being pressured by the likes of Prince Charles, and other public figures, Scott Morrison has been forced to make a commitment to attend Rome’s G20 meeting, then Glasgow’s UN COP26 climate change summit.

Adding pressure to the situation is Australian comedian Dan Ilic. Ilic started a campaign last month to help him “to do something silly”.

The “something silly” was the purchase of a billboard outside the Glasgow summit, to shame Scott Morrison and his lack of commitment to a climate goal. However, Ilic raised $14,000, far more than his initial goal, and he used that money to purchase 10 minutes of the most famous billboards in the world, in Times Square. Blasting various billboards shaming the Australian Prime Minister, and Australia’s lack of commitment to sustainable climate policies.

One billboard called Scott Morrison Coal-o-Phile Dundee.

Another said, “Cuddle a koala (Before we make them extinct)”.

One read as an open letter to the world on behalf of the “People of Australia”, while others appeared as card games, and newspaper headlines.

The Australian reports that Morrison is “walking a tightrope” on emissions targets, “with much of his party remaining bitterly divided on the issue”.

Morrison will this week have hours of discussions around emissions targets and plans to head to Rome next week for a G20 meeting, then to Glasgow for the COP26 meeting, where he is expected to commit to net zero emissions targets, however, he has not yet officially committed. There are only six opposers to this plan; all of whom are Nationals Party members.

Do you think Scott Morrison should commit to net zero emissions by 2050?

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