Peter Overton shows off melanoma surgery scar live on air

Nov 17, 2020
Peter Overton underwent surgery last Monday to remove a melanoma. Source: 9News Sydney/Twitter and Peter Overton/Twitter.

It’s been a rough week for Peter Overton, who had a melanoma removed last Monday, but the 9News Sydney newsreader was back on television Sunday night, showing off his scar while delivering a stern warning to viewers back at home.

Jessica Rowe’s news anchor husband underwent surgery last Monday to remove a melanoma after his dermatologist noticed a change in a mole under his hairline. At the time, he posted a confronting post-surgery photo of himself.

Now, the 54-year-old has given viewers back at home a close-up look of his scar. “The mole was on my right temple, just under the hairline,” Peter can be heard saying in a video, which has since been shared on 9News Sydney’s Twitter page, while turning his head to one side.

Peter Overton
Peter Overton underwent surgery last Monday to remove a melanoma. Source: 9News Sydney/Twitter.

“The incision taking out a margin of flesh around the melanoma in case cancerous spores may have spread. This is where it was, and as you can see, it is healing very well.”

Peter went on to say he was “one of the lucky ones” as he warned others to get checked. “But that can be the outcome for almost anyone if a melanoma is discovered early enough,” he said.

It comes just a few days after the newsreader shared a gruesome health update with 2GB’s Deb Knight. At the time Peter told the radio host he’s “okay” but “a little battered and bruised”.

“It looks like someone’s punched me, it looks like I’ve been glassed and stitched back together,” he said.

Speaking about the procedure, Peter continued: “They have to cut a huge section and that’s been the most confronting thing. When Jessica cut off all the bandages yesterday when I was allowed to remove all that headwear, it was quite a shock to see the extent of the stitching and the flaps of skin they had to put over.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t Peter’s first cancer scare. Back in 2018, in a tell-all chat with Stellar magazine, the newsreader opened up on the terrifying moment doctors told him he could be facing a battle with cancer.

At the time, Peter had scheduled an appointment with his GP after feeling “abysmally” rundown, and noticing a lump on his body that he had assumed was an ingrown hair. It’s then that his doctor told him he could have lymphoma, cancer of the blood. However, the mystery illness turned out to be a “particularly vicious virus” in the end.

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