No noise Noosa: Council to enforce ban on cheering and clapping

Jan 29, 2022
Under the new legislation "excessively loud cheering, clapping or singing" will be banned. Source: Getty Images.

A popular coastal Queensland destination has introduced tough new rules for residents, in a bid to curb noisy behaviour at holiday rental properties.

From February 1, Noosa Shire Council will enforce a ban on “excessively loud cheering, clapping or singing” in a move many have accused of going too far.

Under the new legislation “a level of noise that is in excess of the acceptable levels described by Queensland Government legislation for environmental protection” will be prohibited at short-term holiday rentals and includes outdoor areas such as decks, balconies, swimming pools and spas.

The move has largely been met with condemnation from holiday makers and residents alike.

Niche Luxury Accommodation’s Sue Willis suggested to Nine News that the legislation could negatively impact the tourism industry. “It sounds like you can’t sit … and enjoy your children in the pool,” she said. “I think there are people out there who would prefer not to have a holiday house next to them and now they’ve got an open door for that complaint.”

Noosa Short Term Accommodation Association chair Dave Langdon pointed out that tourists aren’t solely to blame for excessive noise, and also raised concerns about the effects the laws could have on tourism.

“It’s easy to blame people who don’t live here and come and stay, but most are doing the right thing,” Langdon told Noosa News. “Plenty of people have problems with permanent (residents) but it’s only holiday lettings that are being highlighted as a problem.”

Noosa Mayor Clare Stewart stood by the new legislation, telling Noosa News, “being a good neighbour is to assure we don’t have loud parties until midnight”. “This law is to ensure that if there is excessive noise night after night, which can happen more regularly at holiday (properties), that action can be taken,” she said.

The new laws will also require property managers to live “within a 20-kilometre radius” of the accommodation and must respond to any noise complaints within 30 minutes.

The legislation was introduced following two rounds of community consultation and will be introduced under a 12-month trial, to be reviewed in 2023.

Do you think the council is going too far?

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