News anchor takes jab at anti-vaxxers in explosive outburst

Jan 23, 2022
News anchor delivers an explosive on-air rant against anti-vaxxers. Source: Instagram/ @leoschwebel

A Mexican news anchor has delivered an explosive on-air rant regarding anti-vaxxers, labelling them “morons” and demanding they wear a face mask.

Leonardo Schwebel of Telediario Guadalajara delivered his emotional outburst during the Mexico-based TV program’s broadcast calling anti-vaxers a “gaggle of morons.” The clip of Schwebel’s outburst quickly went viral on social media.

“You damned anti-vaxxers,” he said.

“Stop with your bullshit, and at least put on a goddamned face mask! And stop hitting the brakes for the entire world!

“Yes, you anti-vaxxers, you are a moron! Put on a face mask!”

Many were quick to support Schwebel, praising him for his impassioned plea.

“Give this man a Nobel Prize.”

“Awesome man he needs a raise for what he did.”

“I’m so proud! Hahahaha viva Mexico he is totally right!”

“Finally someone expressed the true severity of this situation.

Schwebel later explained his rant to local news site Telediaro.

“Sometimes you have to shout for people to get on. If I had said it normally — ‘sir, please, please, put on the mask, I ask you please, believe me,’ I would not be here with you today,” he said.

Mexico has been hard hit by Covid-19 with cases skyrocketing across the country.

As cases have risen President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has attempted to downplay the severity of the Omicron variant during his daily press briefings.

“It’s demonstrable that this variant doesn’t have the same severity as the previous one, the delta variant, in terms of symptoms and also recovery time,” he said.

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