Magda slams Pete Evans: ‘I’m sick to death of skinny people acting superior’

Aug 25, 2020
Magda Szubanski has copped criticism for her involvement in a coronavirus ad. Source: VicGovDHHS/YouTube.

Comedian Magda Szubanski has slammed Pete Evans in a Twitter takedown after his followers hurled hurtful fat-smashing insults at her after the controversial celebrity chef criticised a coronavirus ad she’s in. The ad in question sees Magda reprise her role of netball-loving Sharon Strzelecki from Kath and Kim, to urge people to take the virus seriously.

“I am so over this lockdown… but you know what? It’s not the lockdown that’s the enemy, it’s the virus,” she says in the 40-second government public health campaign. “The sooner we obey the rules, the sooner this will all be over and we can get back to the stuff that really matters.”

Pete took offense to the ad and claimed it was one of “the most offensive and disgraceful” ads he had ever seen on television.

“It is so sad to see this type of brainwashing occurring to children and families in that state and have had enough of the lies,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of Magda from the ad. “Enough is enough. Imagine if they actually wanted to help people get healthy… how would an ad like that look and sound?.”

He then proceeded to promote what getting healthy means to him, writing: “Let’s give it a try, shall we… Spread love, be free, eat anti-inflammatory healthy food, hug each other, play, sing, get outdoors, get your hands into the soil, dance, meditate, connect to nature and build a healthy immune system and protect and help the vulnerable with the best of what we know works.”

In response, the well-known comedian shut down Pete and his followers, who fat-shamed her in the comments section on his Instagram post, writing on Twitter: “Frankly I am sick to f**king death of skinny people (yes Pete Evans and your followers) assuming they are morally and spiritually superior.”

Magda then shared an image of her Polish grandmother — who was a fat nurse who risked her life to help protect the Jewish people from the Nazis — explaining that fat people can definitely be involved in discussions about public health.

Magda then criticised Pete’s approach to alternative eating, saying: “By the way… I was RAISED on vitamins and kelp and blackstrap molasses and apple cider vinegar etc after my father got cancer in 1967 (before Pete Evans was even born) and embraced alternative therapies. My father also had SURGERY!!!”

She then questioned how many fat people Pete has actually helped, writing: “Wondering just how many fat people Pete Evans has helped lose weight…AND KEEP IT OFF LONG TERM? I’m talking 5, 10 15 years. If he can prove that, then Pete, let’s chat. And let me be clear, I was raised on alternative eating. It can be helpful… but obesity is very complex.”

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