Festive forecast: What does the weather have in store for your neck of the woods this Christmas

Dec 24, 2022
Some areas can expect a wet Christmas this year but for the most part families will still be able to enjoy the family barbeque and a game of backyard cricket. Source: Getty Images.

Much like Santa’s sack of toys, Australia will experience somewhat of a mixed bag of weather conditions this Christmas with much of the nation experiencing warmer conditions but with an occasional shower here and there.

Despite some states experiencing a wet Christmas this year, for the most part families will still be able to enjoy the family barbeque and a game of backyard cricket with The Bureau of Meteorology predicting “a warm and sunny day” for “most of Australia”.

xmas weather.
Source: Getty Images.

Brisbane is expected to be partly cloudy for the big day with a 60 per cent chance of a soggy start to the festivities. However, showers are to become less likely in the evening. With a top of 29 degrees, Brisbane residents should enjoy the pleasant weather while they can as thunderstorms are expected to roll through during the day.

Sydneysiders will enjoy a warm 28 degree day, with only a 10 per cent chance of showers dampening festivities for the harbour city. It’s expected to be partly cloudy and with the possibility of a thunderstorm in the afternoon/ evening, residents are encouraged to move that backyard cricket game to earlier in the day.

Adelaide will have a picture perfect Christmas Day this year with a sunny top of 31 degrees expected for the city of churches and a 0 per cent chance of rain. However, be sure to secure those tablecloths as light winds of 15 to 25 km/h are expected in the afternoon and into the evening.

Melbourne will have a cooler start this Christmas with a chilly minimum of 13 degrees before reaching a pleasant 28 degrees later in the day. Conditions are expected to be sunny with no chance of rain.

Hobart will experience a slightly cooler Christmas than the rest of the country this year with a 12 degree start to the day before getting up to 25 degrees. Although the day is predicted to be partly cloudy, there seems to be no rain expected as families sit down for Christmas lunch.

Santa may have trouble navigating his arrival in Darwin with 90 per cent of rain and possible thunderstorms expected in the morning and afternoon. Temperatures are set to reach 32 degrees during the day.

Clouds are expected to clear over Canberra on Christmas Day, offering residents a warm 31 degrees to enjoy the festivities. There is a 5 per cent chance of rain with light winds expected in the afternoon and the evening.


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What will the weather be like where you are this Christmas?

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