Clive Palmer purchases Hitler’s car as he battles pneumonia

Mar 01, 2022
In a bizaare move, Clive Palmer has purchased a car once belonging to Hitler. Source: Getty Images.

Billionaire Clive Palmer may have been struck down with pneumonia but that hasn’t stopped the magnate from sealing the deal on the purchase of Adolf Hitler’s bulletproof Mercedes Benz.

The bizarre purchase is part of Palmer’s plans to amass a number of rare vintage cars for an automobile museum he is planning on the Gold Coast.

Hitler’s Mercedes-Benz 770 Grosser Offener Tourenwagen has changed hands several times over the last few decades after it was seized by US military forces in France at the end of World War II.

Palmer is also believed to have purchased a Rolls-Royce that once belonged to King Edward VIII, as reported by Courier Mail.

Palmer reportedly negotiated for two years to secure the unique vehicle, eventually securing the deal and taking ownership of the car from an unknown Russian billionaire. Palmer’s mining company, Mineralogy is believed to have purchased the vehicle for over $200,000.

Palmer hopes the latest acquisition will make up a display of over 600 cars once he finds a suitable Gold Coast location for his proposed car museum, according to Courier Mail.

It’s not the first time Palmer has shown an interest in owning a piece of history after the billionaire announced plans in 2012 to relaunch the Titanic. The venture was meant to set sail in 2016, however, a series of financial setbacks left the project well and truly docked, with a revised launch date of 2022.

In 2018, Palmer released a video to drum up renewed interest in the project. The video was shared extensively on social media and featured Palmer putting his own spin on the iconic speech delivered by John F. Kennedy, prior to the moon landing.

“Travellers in time, why build the Titanic? Why go to the moon? Why does Cambridge play Oxford? Why did Cook discover Australia? Because they could. And they can. And we can build the Titanic,” he said.

Palmer’s most recent wheeling and dealings in his pursuit of a vintage car museum stand in stark contrast to the concerns held for his health and wellbeing after recently testing positive for Covid-19 and being treated for pneumonia.

Palmer was rushed to hospital on Thursday, February 24, after becoming seriously and cancelling an appearance at the National Press Club. His wife Anna also tested positive for Covid-19, and both are unvaccinated.

A spokesman for Palmer told The Australian: “Clive’s medical condition is a matter between him and his doctors.”

“He is recovering and is thankful of the wishes being sent to him.”

Palmer is showing signs of improvement.

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