Samuel Johnson says he’s ‘very lucky’ to be alive after car crash

Aug 03, 2021
Samuel Johnson shared a health update via the Love Your Sister charity Facebook page on Monday night. Source: Love Your Sister/Facebook

Gold Logie winning actor Samuel Johnson is home from hospital after he was hit by a car over one month ago.

The 43-year-old shared an update via the Love Your Sister charity Facebook page on Monday night, saying while he’s now recovering at home he still has “a lot more work ahead”, revealing he will have to wear a neck brace for four more weeks.

“Woot, I’m home!” he wrote, alongside a picture of himself and his sister Hilde Hinton who had first posted the news of his condition on June 21. “So, I got into a dust-up with a small white vehicle, and lost badly! Huge props to the gang at Ambulance Victoria, VicPol, The Alfred and The Epworth for putting this Humpty back together again. Won’t bore you with all the medical stuff-ski, suffice to say I’ve been surrounded by a gang of experts, including the occupational therapist, who says it’s OK for me to go back to work on ‘light duties’ today!

Samuel continued: “When you’ve been hit by a vehicle, little or otherwise, it can take a while to un-wonk yourself. Full recovery is within my grasp, I’ve just got a lot more work ahead of me. I feel very lucky to be OK, but I’m worried about what cancer is getting away with whilst I am on the mend.

Following his accident in June, his sister Hilde shared a grim update with fans, writing on the charity Facebook page at the time: “I wish I didn’t have to tell you this. Early Saturday night, Sam was on his way to visit family when he was accidentally hit by a car. Our ambos got him picked up and tucked away safely in hospital in record time. I followed them in.

“The fantastical medical staff are in overdrive taking care of his sore head. He’s awake and not too happy that he doesn’t have his pants – nobody loves a hospital gown. Hearing his voice is lovely, but can’t wait for hugs when it’s safe. I’ll keep you updated.”

Samuel co-founded Love Your Sister with his late sister Connie in 2012. Sadly, Connie passed away from terminal breast cancer in September 2017, at the age of just 40. The brother-sister duo set up the charity with a goal of raising $10 million through a series of fundraising efforts — something Samuel has since accomplished following her death.

Due to his campaigning efforts, Samuel has taken the past few years off from acting. His last role was playing Australian music critic Molly Meldrum in the 2016 miniseries Molly.

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