‘I felt a lot of pressure’: Edwina Bartholomew on breastfeeding challenges

Nov 07, 2020
Edwina Bartholomew has opened up about her breastfeeding struggles. Source: Instagram/ Edwina Bartholomew

Television presenter Edwina Bartholomew welcomed her gorgeous baby to the world late last year, and while she’s filled with love for her first child, the new mum said it’s come with its challenges, especially when it comes to breastfeeding.

Like many mums, Eddie said she felt a lot of pressure to provide for her daughter, but unfortunately it didn’t come easy due to low milk supply. In a column written for publication The Courier Mail, the 37-year-old revealed the shock of being asked by complete strangers if she was still breastfeeding and how terrible it made her feel.

While Eddie said her pregnancy was smooth sailing, when Molly arrived things took a turn.

“For me, it wasn’t an easy ride. I had a really straightforward pregnancy and I honestly expected the rest would literally flow from there,” she wrote in The Courier Mail column. “However, instead of the Sydney Harbour of milk supply, I ended up with Lake Eyre.”

The mother-of-one went on to say that she felt a lot of pressure and conversations about breastfeeding left her feeling quite uncomfortable. Hoping to provide some comfort and support to fellow mums struggling with breastfeeding, Eddie said women should try not to be too hard on themselves and strangers should certainly not ask about how it’s going.

“If you are a new mum in the same rocky breastfeeding boat, know you are not alone,” she wrote. “It’s a tough gig and everyone has a very different experience.

“If you are well-meaning stranger wanting to strike up a conversation with a woman carrying a baby, just remember her breasts are none of your business. Try sleep or lack thereof as a topic instead. We’ve all got something to say about that.”

Edwina’s honest and emotional column comes weeks after the TV presenter shared her decision to pass on cherished childhood toys to her daughter. Taking to Instagram, the loving mum shared a sweet photograph of the baby girl playing with a retro set of colourful blocks, alongside a snap of herself as a toddler playing with the very same toy.


“Same age. Same blocks. 37 years between photos,” she wrote. “Celebrating eight months of silly songs and wide eyed wonder this week.

“Sitting up. Chit chatting. Growing an impressive comb over. All in a day’s work, Miss Molly.”

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Can you relate to what Edwina Bartholomew has to say? How many kids do you have?

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