‘Forever an angel’: Sam Armytage mourns death of ‘beautiful mumma’

Nov 08, 2020
Sam Armytage posted a touching tribute to her mum who passed away last week. Source: Instagram/ Samantha Armytage

Television presenter Samantha Armytage has penned a touching tribute to her late mother Libby who sadly passed away last week and “left a huge, irreparable hole” in each of their hearts.

Taking to social media this weekend, the Channel Seven star revealed the devastating news and said her kind and loving mother died a little while after the Melbourne Cup was run and only days before her 69th birthday.

“Last Tuesday afternoon, a little while after the Melbourne Cup was run, our beautiful mumma passed away, just 10 days before her 69th birthday,” the post on Instagram read. “She had fought bravely for long time and suffered a lot, but finally her big-loving heart just couldn’t do it anymore.

Sam Armytage shared a touching message online following the passing of her mum Libby. Source: Instagram/ Sam Armytage

“Mums are the centre of a family and losing ours has thrown us all in a spin and left a huge, irreparable hole in each of our hearts. We are very, very sad.

“She was wonderful; kind, loving, loyal, wildly wicked, funny and formidable. This is her ‘happy place’, her rose garden, where we remember her. She will be missed forever, but she’s at peace now … forever an angel.”

Friends and fellow TV presenters rushed to support Sam during this challenging time, sending messages of love and best wishes to the 44-year-old as she mourns the loss of her mother.

Ben Fordham wrote a long and thoughtful message to his friend which read: “My hearts hurts for you Sam. Things will never be the same. That said, this is a chance to grow and take onboard all of the wonderful qualities your mum left behind.

“They’ve always been a part of you but now they become a much greater part. That’s my experience, anyway. It’s a great tribute to your mum that she’s left such a beautiful mark on you. All the love in the world from us to you.”

While Catriona Rowntree, presenter on Getaway, commented: “Oh no Sam, that’s so awful, your wonderful cheerleader. Now an angel looking after you from above.”

And Angela Cox, Channel Seven newsreader, added: “This makes my heart hurt for you. Sending all the love in the world to you and your family.”

Sam’s mum Libby had been in ill for some time now, with the presenter revealing back in August that both her parents were in hospital. Taking to Instagram at the time, she said her father Mac suffered a stroke 10 days earlier, as he made his way to the hospital to visit his wife.

The Channel Seven star went on to confirm that her mum has been “gravely ill” for some time, as she was living with an auto-immune disease which led to heart failure.

“As some of you may know, my mum Libby has been gravely ill for a while … on his way to visit her in hospital ten days ago, my dad Mac collapsed after having a stroke,” Sam wrote. “Luckily he wasn’t out the back of Wagga in a paddock as he probably wouldn’t be here to tell the tale.”

She added: “He’s a tough old buggar & he’s in rehab, frustrated but determined. And giving plenty of cheek to his long- suffering, wonderful nurses. Mum has stabilised too & despite having both of them in hospital (with the added pressure of the totally necessary Corona-related-visitor restrictions) now I’m heading back to work tomorrow morning.

“To anyone out there with loved ones in the hospital right now or anyone out there near your parents right now, give them a hug for me. Now, can 2020 just p*ss off already xx”

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