CHEEKY! Johnny Ruffo’s girlfriend posts pic of him in the buff-o

Dec 08, 2021
Johnny Ruffo has been busted in a compromising position, and his girlfriend has put it on Instagram! Source: Getty

Johnny Ruffo has been stealing hearts since he first burst onto the Australian entertainment scene as an X Factor contestant in 2011, coming third in the talent program. Since then, he’s released a plethora of singles, and starred in other television hits, including Dancing With The Stars, Neighbours, and Home and Away. Now, he’s best known for his advocacy for brain cancer awareness and documenting his struggle with the disease on his social media accounts.

Now, his long-time girlfriend, Tahnee Sims, has revealed that Johnny is feeling much better since his recent cancer relapse, sharing an Instagram post which gives fans a glimpse into her and Ruffo’s sweet relationship. The post showed 10 polaroid pictures scattered on a bright backdrop, seemingly detailed a “romantic birthday staycation” for Tahnee’s 28th.

Many of the polaroids show Tahnee and Johnny smiled into the camera in various different locations, while a few show just Tahnee, or just Ruffo. However, some eagle-eyed Ruffo fans have spotted that in one of the polaroids, in the top right of the image, Ruffo appears to be naked.

In what seems like a shot that Ruffo was shocked to have been the subject of, Ruffo stands with his back to the camera, with his cheeks bared for the camera, glancing over his shoulder with a shocked look on his face, as water streams down his body.


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A post shared by Tahnee Sims (@tahneesims)

Fans went wild upon seeing these pictures, with many commenting on the post adoring comments like “love love love”, “Stop it ! This is too cute (heart eyes emoji)” and “Lovely photos. Darling boy is so lucky to have you. It hasn’t been easy for either of you.(purple heart emoji)”. However another commented cheekily about Ruffo’s nudity, with one saying: “Rudie nudie”.

Another commenter said: “the top right (three laughing with tears emojis)”.

Tahnee loves to share cheeky pictures and videos of her life with Ruffo, sharing this 3-minute video compilation in commemoration of Ruffo’s birthday, earlier this year:


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A post shared by Tahnee Sims (@tahneesims)

In 2017, the singer-songwriter turned actor shocked Australia when he posted two pictures on Instagram, one of him giving a cheesy smile and thumbs up to the camera with an obviously swollen face and bandaged head, sitting in a hospital bed, and the other, a massive surgical scar along his hairline, stapled together.


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Have you ever taken a naked picture?

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