Bronwyn Bishop, new speaker but what about seniors?

Bronwyn Bishop has been announced as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

It is of course is up the party to endorse this position on the first day of parliament but Prime minister-designate Tony Abbott has thrown his support behind Bronwyn, which means she will get it.

“I want to bring some dignity back to the parliament and that means a Speaker who can control the parliament and who can act without fear nor favour,” he said.

“And I want someone who is as tough on the government as on the opposition, because I think the people expect a parliament which is a genuine debating chamber and not just a chamber where the government bludgeons the opposition.”

Ms Bishop said: “I certainly feel that the parliament itself is entitled to have dignity returned to it. That doesn’t mean it won’t be a robust place but it does mean that it will have a dignity that has been lacking in the last little while.

“Just as I feel it will have a strong and dignified government, I think the parliament needs to be that way as well.

“So I am delighted to put myself forward as a nominee for the Speaker of the House of Representatives.”


But this appointment will also means that there is no Minister for Seniors. So, who will be looking out for the issues for those of us over 60?

Let us know your say… what do you think about this appointment?

Should Bronwyn bring order to the house as speaker or do we need somebody looking after the interests of seniors?


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