‘Blood and Honey’: Beloved 1920s childhood character desecrated in ‘traumatising’ incarnation

Sep 03, 2022
Winnie the Pooh enters public domain. Source: Getty / Jagged Edge Productions

Beloved cartoon character and family favourite, Winnie the Pooh, has been desecrated by the film industry, after those living in the Hundred Acre Wood entered the public domain, leaving fans of the loveable bear “traumatised” by its latest incarnation.

After a century of the friendly bear and his friends bringing delight to all, horror slasher film director Rhys Waterfield has twisted A.A Milne’s adorable characters into deranged killers.

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey features best friends Winnie the Pooh and Piglet abandoned by Christopher Robin, causing them to go on a bloody rampage.

Entertainment conglomerate Disney currently owns all interpretation rights to Winnie the Pooh, however, it seems Blood and Honey has worked its way around by not including Pooh bear’s signature red shirt.

Speaking with Variety, Waterfield said he aimed to make the film a black comedy.

“When you try and do a film like this, and it’s a really wacky concept, it’s very easy to go down a route where nothing is scary and it’s just really ridiculous and really, like, stupid, and we wanted to go between the two,” Waterfield said.

Winnie the Pooh fans have expressed their outrage at the horror version of the characters “ruining” their childhood.

Many fans are hoping Disney intervenes before the disturbing film is released.


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