Angry pensioner who confronted Prime Minister Scott Morrison breaks his silence

Apr 08, 2022
The pensioner who confronted Scott Morrison has revealed what led to the confrontation. Source: Twitter/ @mister_wynn

The furious pensioner who confronted Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a New South Wales pub on April 6 has broken his silence, revealing the reason for the heated exchange.

Ray Drury, 73, told NBN News that he had become fed up after being ignored by politicians for years regarding the difficulties in his life.

“When it’s stewing up and everything like that over 12 years, and getting rejected, not even listened to, well then of course I’m going to take that opportunity,” he said.

Drury had worked in the mining industry for 30 years but has since retired. He receives a weekly compensation payment from the Dust and Disease Board of iCare but revealed that the payments impacts his pension.

“Why wouldn’t I get upset? Every week I get $200 taken out of my pension,” he said.

“I’ve got prostate cancer, I’ve got tumours, asbestos tumours.

“And being ignored by everyone, when I’ve got a right to earn income too.”

Footage of Drury taking Morrison to task has since gone viral. During the difficult confrontation Drury can be heard telling the Prime Minister to “listen to me for a change” before telling Morrison “I’m sick of your bull****”. Morrison remained calm during the difficult confrontation before Drury was escorted from the venue.

Morrison addressed the fiery encounter with Drury during a press conference in Wyong, on the NSW Central Coast, on Thursday, April 7.

“Well actually, more broadly, it was a very welcome reception,” he said.

“Of course, there was one gentleman, Ray, who was there last night who was very upset about what was a very complicated case, involving iCare, it was involving immigration issues.”

Morrison said he “was keen to understand what he (Drury) was saying to me and I believe we have.”

“He wasn’t asked to leave or anything like that. I could understand that he was very upset about some really significant issues that it happened in his life,” Morrison said.

“It is a complicated case but we’ll see how we might be able to assist and progress that.”


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