‘I get the anxiety sweats!’: Hilarious video pokes fun at Aldi checkout chaos

Jun 18, 2020
A woman has poked fun at the relatable shopping experience at Aldi. Source: Facebook/ Live 95

Aldi has quickly become a supermarket of choice for Aussie shoppers, with its cheap products and ‘special buys’ luring everyone in. But, there’s no denying a trip to the store comes with some anxiety sweats, particularly when its time to approach the checkout and pay for your groceries.

Unlike other supermarkets where staff pack food and other goods into the bags for you, in Aldi you generally have to quickly throw everything in the trolley before moving to the bench behind to neatly pack items into the bags yourself. Some attempt to throw the groceries into bags at the checkout, but usually its met with increased anxiety as the beep of the scanner speeds up and everything from chips to deodorant starts getting thrown your way.

Once you’ve experienced this stress, you come to accept there’s no use trying to keep up with the speedy skills of checkout workers. Now, a hilarious video has poked fun at this recognisable experience at the German discount retailer — and it’s sure to give you a laugh! The tongue-in-cheek video, titled ‘A trip to Aldi be like …’, was shared to Facebook page ‘Live 95’ recently, and shows exactly what it’s like when you reach the checkout at the popular store.

In the clip a woman tries desperately to keep up with the checkout worker, who is quickly scanning the goods. And although she attempts to keep packing groceries into the bags, it just doesn’t work. Before long items are sliding off the bench, with a packet of toilet paper even hitting the shopper in the head. It’s something which has been experienced — in some way or another — by many Aldi lovers, with many taking to Facebook to share their own supermarket stories, and worries of heading to the checkout.

“Even if I’ve only got a small amount of shopping I still take the basket or trolley, it’s too much pressure to get [everything] into the bad at that speed, I feel like I’m on a bloody game show,” Kimberley Warren wrote on the post.

“I literally start by stacking it all back in the trolley nicely … half way through I’m dragging the food and letting it all fall into the trolley,” Cally Wood said.

While Elaine Lee commented: “So true, every time I go I get this giggle which is covering the panic inside me.” And John Williams added: “I get the anxiety sweats at the checkout.”

It’s not the first time someone’s poked fun at the Aldi experience. Earlier this year, comedian Matthew Hey posted a hilarious video on his ‘Alright Hey’ Facebook page, joking about everything from the middle aisle packed full of weird and wonderful special buys, to carrying your groceries round in a cardboard fruit box because you forgot your reusable bags again.

The clip shows the performer visiting his local Aldi to simply “pick up some milk”. What happens next though is something I’m sure we can all relate to as Matthew is sucked in by the range of goodies on offer in the special buys aisle that runs through the centre of all Aldi stores across the country, as he picks up items – at a cut price – that he has no use for.

“A sleeping bag for a baby,” he says, picking up a box. “I don’t know any babies that are going camping. Oh, it’s only $19. May as well get that.”

He then comes across the selection of ski gear: “Love this, wow. And boots. Oh good one in my size. Alright better try this on … Look at that, she’s ready for Thredbo. About to hit the slopes!”

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Do you shop at Aldi? Can you relate to this video?

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