Major eye roll: The money tips that annoy Aussies the most

Jun 08, 2021
What financial advice gets your goat? Source: Getty

From cancelling subscriptions to streaming services to making your coffee at home, we’ve all been given helpful — yet irritating — money-saving tips. Now, new research has revealed exactly which advice ‘gets our goat’ the most.

The new survey by comparison site Finder asked Australians which money-saving tips they find the most annoying and the most helpful and the results are surprising.

The survey, which studied responses from 1,010 Australians, found that 49 per cent believe the most annoying advice is being told to cancel their television subscription services, such as Netflix, which is likely to save less than $100 a year. With most basic subscription services costing less than $10 a month, the annual savings could be up to $120, hardly a bank-breaking figure.

Kate Browne, personal finance expert at Finder, said, “A subscription to a streaming TV platform is pretty cheap considering how much joy it can bring. Also, no one ever became rich by giving up their Netflix subscription. If anything, you’ll just feel a bit more deprived. Rather than giving up your Netflix addiction, you can look at sharing an account with friends and family so you can still cut your costs a bit and enjoy the benefit of subscribing.”

According to the research, the second-most-annoying tip was being told to perform your own grooming and beauty services at home, with 38 per cent of Australians saying it was irritating advice.

money saving tips finder
Finder has shared which “helpful” money-saving tips Australians find most annoying. Source: Finder

When it came to the most appreciated savings advice, 77 per cent of Australians agree that being told to cook at home instead of eating out or ordering delivery is the most helpful.

Next on the list of advice we are willing to take on board, was being told to track our spending, with 74 per cent voting it as the second most helpful tip to save money.

Using coupons to save money on purchases (73 per cent) was the third most favoured tip.

IMPORTANT LEGAL INFO This article is of a general nature and FYI only, because it doesn’t take into account your financial or legal situation, objectives or needs. That means it’s not financial product or legal advice and shouldn’t be relied upon as if it is. Before making a financial or legal decision, you should work out if the info is appropriate for your situation and get independent, licensed financial services or legal advice.

What money saving advice do you hate hearing?

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