Here’s how your daily coffee habit could help hard-working Aussie farmers

Aug 20, 2020
Farmers have been through some tough times of late, but here's how you can help. Source: Getty

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and enjoying a delicious cup of coffee to spring you to life and get you ready for the day ahead. But, what if you could combine your love of caffeine with supporting local farmers throughout Australia?

They’ve suffered a lot these past years through drought, fires and floods. Their land was dried up, they lost stock and then some battled with too much rain which wiped out all of their hard work. Thankfully, there’s a way you can support local farmers, and it won’t cost anything more than your daily coffee.

You can purchase your coffee pods through Aussie-owned company Tripod Coffee online, have them delivered to your door, and then send the used pod capsules back to help make fertiliser through the company’s special Pod-to-Plant Returns Program. The capsules are made from 100 per cent Australian certified compostable materials, meaning they can be broken down easily – unlike the aluminium versions sold by other companies.

Over the past six months, the program has used these capsules to create around 15 kilograms of high-density organic fertiliser for farmers so they can produce the best goods for the Australian community.

tripod coffee 2-307 (1)
The coffee pods can be delivered straight to your door. Source: Tripod Coffee

All you have to do is add a $10 return kit to your order. Tripod Coffee will then send out your pods, along with a reply mail label, a compostable bag to collect your pod capsules in, plus a $10 discount for your next order. It’s easy and won’t cost you anything extra in the end to support farmers.

But, it’s not just farmers the company is supporting. Tripod Coffee also donates 1 per cent of its profits to not-for-profit organisation Rainforest Rescue to help restore the Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland. The organisation has projects in place to help re-establish rainforests in Australia by planting more trees and helping to maintain and restore rainforest areas.

But, what about the actual coffee in the pods, does it still taste delicious? The answer is yes! Just because Tripod Coffee uses compostable capsules doesn’t mean that the incredible coffee flavour is taken away. The pods are individually sealed to ensure no oxygen comes into contact with the coffee. So, it will taste beautiful and fresh when it comes through your coffee machine at home.

There’s a few different blends available to suit varying tastes, including a decaf option for those who love the taste of coffee, but don’t want or need the caffeine hit. Or, you could try them all out with a samples pack to ensure you pick the right one to start your day with. And if you, like many Aussies have, fall in love with the Aussie-owned coffee pods you can sign up for a subscription and save 15 per cent on your order.

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Do you enjoy your daily coffee? Do you have a coffee machine at home?

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