Top 5 makeup tips for mature women

Jan 11, 2021
Our skin changes as we age, and so should our make-up. Source: Getty

Many of us were taught how to apply make-up in our teens or early 20s and most of us have used those same techniques for applying foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow in the years since. Unfortunately, this has resulted in many over-60s women using make-up and application techniques that no longer suit their skin.

It’s a sad fact that the beauty industry doesn’t often talk about applying makeup to a face that isn’t naturally smooth, flawless and wrinkle-free. In fact, many beauty companies completely ignore the fact that as your skin changes with time, so should your makeup.

However, makeup company Rageism is different. The brand is all about tearing down the status quo, with its makeup range created specifically for mature women. Rageism offers a huge range of products, including foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush. One of its newest products is the Flawless Finish Compact & Kabuki Kit, which you can easily pop in your bag for those on-the-go touch-ups.

Along with its high-quality products, Rageism has developed handy tips for applying makeup to mature skin and suggested which products to use to make your skin look flawless every time you step out of the house.

1. Hydrate your skin 

While many of us think of make-up as a solution to hiding skin imperfections, the truth is your makeup is only as good as the skin underneath it. Using a rich and nutritious oil like the Rageism Glow Face Oil before you apply your primer will plump and hydrate your skin so that it has the best possible base for your foundation to go on smoothly. Rageism suggests letting the oil absorb into your skin for a few minutes before applying your make-up to enhance that hydrated glow.

2. Define your eyebrows

Great eyebrows define and frame your face. However, many older women have lost their eyebrows due to age and over-plucking when they were younger. But by using the gentle Brow Butter and the Brow/Eye duo Brush you can fill in the sparse spots on your brows. It will help them to look thicker and fuller once again.

Concentrate on the tail of the brow as this is where most women’s eyebrows are the thinnest. And don’t be too heavy-handed – the most flattering look is a natural one! Then using the spoolie, brush your brows upwards to blend the butter and lift your eyebrows.

3. Switch up your blush

As a young woman you were probably taught to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, but this technique doesn’t work as well as we age and the skin on our cheeks begins sag. Instead, you can create the appearance of more defined cheekbones by sweeping the blush to your upper cheekbones and blending. A crème blush works best for this as it won’t sit on the top of fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Use a softly coloured moisturising lipstick

Many matte lipsticks can make lips look pinched, which isn’t a good look on anyone – young or old! However, matte lipsticks with moisturisers like jojoba and shea butter, like Rageinm’s, will keep your lips hydrated and a soft shade will flatter most complexions.

5. Change up your eyeshadow game

Swap to a crème eyeshadow – you’ll see a huge difference. They’re super easy to use and blend and are very forgiving for those with hooded eyes and wrinkles. A light shade like champagne or taupe on the lid and below the arch of the brow is ideal and creates a more open look.

However, if you’re after a more dramatic look then it’s best to also apply a medium to dark tone – aubergine or matte brown –  in the crease, high enough so that the colour can be seen above ‘hooded’ eye areas. It will look beautiful!

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Have you changed your makeup techniques over the years? What tips do you have?

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