Want to cut your bills? Here’s 6 ways to save more water at home

Sep 21, 2020
Every little helps when it comes to lowering the cost of household utilities. Source: Getty.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. You’ve no doubt come across this mantra in recent years and may have even made a conscious effort to reduce your waste or carbon footprint yourself, perhaps by purchasing long-life reusable bags to carry your groceries home in, swapping your car for a bicycle, or even trying to reduce the amount of energy you use around the home each year.

But have you considered how much water you’re using – or, more specifically, wasting – each year? This is particularly important as we head into spring and summer, as many rural and regional parts of Australia can be left facing tough conditions and even drought.

So, as part of its #FinishWaterWaste campaign, global dishwasher brand Finish has shared some top tips for reducing water waste around the home – and using each of these hacks just once per day could save over 260 litres of water.

Save in the bathroom:

If you’re looking to reduce your water waste in a big way, it will come as no surprise that the bathroom is where the most waste occurs. From brushing your teeth to flushing the toilet, and taking luxurious hot baths, there are a number of ways to cut down how much water you waste on a regular basis. Here are Finish’s top suggestions – as well as how much water each change could save you.

Save up to 166 litres: Make the bath a treat. The average bath uses a whopping 130 to 190 litres of water, while a four-minute shower uses just 24 to 36 litres – a huge difference!

Save up to 27 litres: Use a shower timer! A one-minute shower with a water-efficient showerhead uses 6 to 9 litres of water. The average Aussie takes a seven-minute shower, so keeping your shower to four minutes or under can save up to 27 litres of water, still allowing ample time to wash those locks.

Save up to 9 litres: Put a bucket in the shower. Yes, we’re serious… use the precious litres of water that are often wasted while waiting for the water to warm up to water plants, flush your toilet, clean your home or wash your fruit/vegetables. You can also use this hack in the kitchen sink.

Save 6 litres: If you have a dual-flush toilet, aim to always use the half-flush. On average, a dual flush toilet will use 5 litres of water instead of the 11 litres that a full-flush typically uses. You will not only conserve water but will also save money on your bill in the long run.

Save 5 litres: Make sure you don’t leave the tap running whilst brushing your teeth. A simple trick that we all know but don’t always follow but you’ll save 5 litres of water per brush just by making it your new habit!

Save in the kitchen:

Save 40 litres: If you own a dishwasher and are guilty of pre-rinsing before stacking them in the machine, you could be wasting up to 40 litres of water per load. Finish and Rural Aid are also offering to donate 40 litres of water to rural Australians who are still battling drought for every person who vows to ditch this habit and tags #FinishWaterWaste on social media.

Save 5+ litres: While we don’t waste anywhere near as much water in the kitchen as we do in the bathroom, there are some small changes you can make whilst cooking that can help to limit how much water slips away down the drain.

  • Steam your vegetables instead of boiling them – it requires a lot less water and, as an added bonus, your veggies retain more nutrients.
  • Use the smallest possible pots to reduce the amount of water needed to fill them.
  • Defrost food in the microwave, instead of thawing it under the tap.
  • Wash your fruit and veg in a bowl, instead of leaving the water running.

You can then reuse any water to water your garden, plants or herbs.

Save 2 litres: Don’t pour yesterday’s leftover drinking water or kettle water down the drain, instead use the remaining water on your plants or garden.

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