‘Just like new’: This avocado hack will help you keep fruit fresh for months

Sep 23, 2020
Here's how to make avocados last for months with this easy hack. Source: Getty.

Whether you place the open fruit in cold water, coat it with some lemon juice or wrap it in lettuce leaves, when it comes to avocado hacks, it’s safe to say there’s plenty out there. But none of these recent hacks have covered how to keep an avocado fresh for more than just a few days, well until now that is.

Bethany Ugarte who goes by the name @lilsipper on Instagram has shared a genius hack for keeping avocadoes fresh for up to four months. In a video shared to the social media platform, she explained that all you have to do is put a perfectly ripe avocado in the freezer, and freeze it solid. When you’re ready to use it, run it under hot water for about 30 seconds, then allow it to thaw — this should roughly take about another 30 minutes.

“4 month avocado just like new!” she captioned the video. “Here’s how to prolong your avocados for MONTHS!”

Many Instagram users were quick to praise Bethany on the easy hack, with one writing: “Wow! I’m really impressed.” Another added: “Amazing.” While a third recommended adding some cling wrap firmly around the avocado before you pop it in the freezer to make sure no condensation gets to it.

However, one commenter said it’s best to eat the whole avocado in one sitting after thawing as it turns to mush quite quickly. This hack would work a treat if you’re making guacamole anytime soon as there’s nothing worse than trying to break down a very hard avocado!

It comes just a few months after one savvy mum revealed the best way to keep cut avocados from going brown — and she said at the time, it’s all how you cut it. Margaret Drisi shared her hack on the new teen app TikTok, which allows users to share videos, calling it the ‘Dinosaur Egg Avocado Hack’.

Source: / TikTok.

In the short video, which was first shared back in May, the woman shows the unusual way she cuts into an avocado to prevent it from turning brown. Instead of slicing the avocado right down the middle as most people would, Margaret slices a round piece off the very top of the avocado. With a tablespoon, she then scoops the fruit out of the chopped-off piece, before continuing to dig out some from the rest of the avocado. She then places the remainder of the avocado in an air-tight container, with the rest of the peel and seed intact, which protects the avocado from turning brown.

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