Not just a salad dressing! 7 unexpected health and beauty uses for olive oil

Nov 22, 2019
There's more to olive oil than you think! Source: Pexels

While olive oil is a pantry-favourite, used for cooking, frying and as a delicious salad dressing, there are plenty of incredible uses for olive oil that don’t involve eating it or cooking with it. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins E and K and fatty acids, it’s liquid gold when it comes to providing moisture and nourishment. Olive oil can be used in place of traditional health and beauty products to treat a number of ailments and boasts many skin and health benefits, from conditioning your hair to treating sunburn. Here are some of its more surprising uses.

Earwax build-up

Olive oil is an inexpensive and easy solution to shift annoying earwax. In addition to softening the earwax, its antiseptic properties also reduce the risk of developing ear infections.

Simply warm olive oil slightly and put into a dropper. Tilt your ear towards the sky and place a few drops inside. It’s a good idea to lie down, as you need to let the mixture settle for 10 minutes. After this time, tilt your head back and let the oil and wax flow out onto a tissue. Use a cotton tip to remove any excess wax – just be careful not to push the wax further inside the ear canal.

Soothe and moisturise dry skin

If you run out of moisturiser, look no further than your pantry for a replacement! Simply apply a dollop of olive oil to any rough patches of skin and leave it to soak in for 10 minute, wiping off any excess with a damp cloth. You can also combine it with a little brown sugar to make a scrub to exfoliate your lips and keep them moisturised.

Soften cuticles

If you’re a fan of keeping your nails in great condition, a bowl of olive oil will be your new best friend. Simply dipping your fingers in a small bowl can help moisten the cuticles and soften the skin around your nails – perfect if you plan to do a DIY manicure.

Heal sunburn

We’re all aware of its moisturising properties, but olive oil can also help reduce inflammation. Dip a cotton ball in a small cup of olive oil and apply a generous amount to effected areas and gently rub in with your fingertips.

Shaving oil

Out of shaving cream? Olive oil is a great substitute! Simply lather your skin with with the oil and shave as usual.

Makeup remover

Olive oil is a fantastic makeup remover. Not only is it a more affordable option, it will also nourish and moisturise your skin at the same time. Add a drop of olive oil to a cotton ball or cloth and swipe it over your face and eye makeup. If you don’t wear makeup, it also makes a fantastic daily facial cleanser.

Hair conditioner

Just like it can help moisten your skin, the pantry-staple can also condition your hair. Apply some to your scalp (a few tablespoons will do!) and allow it to sit for around 30 minutes, before washing it away. It will also help soothe a dry, itchy scalp.

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Have you used olive oil in any of these ways? Did you have success, or would you recommend any more ways to use it?

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