The most popular life goals for seniors revealed – how many have you checked off?

Nov 24, 2023
It's important to set new goals, no matter your age. They help you stay focused and open up a raft of opportunities for positive changes in your life. Source: Getty Images.

As the years go by, there’s often a misconception that our dreams and goals should fade into the background. The reality, however, is quite the opposite. Age doesn’t signal the end of ambition; it’s a cue to recalibrate and make the most of what life offers.

While it’s easy to view our later years as a time to wind down, they’re more about leveraging the experiences accumulated along the way.

So, rather than viewing each passing year as a limitation, see it as an opportunity to adapt and thrive. The number of candles on the cake doesn’t dictate the scope of your ambitions. Instead, it’s a marker of the wisdom gained over time—a valuable resource to fuel new and exciting pursuits.

This sentiment certainly holds true for a recent survey of individuals over 50, revealing a growing trend among older adults who are actively embracing lifelong ambitions with a newfound vigor.

In addition to prioritising travel and mortgage payments, a recent survey commissioned by Staysure found that individuals over 50 are particularly enthusiastic about expanding their social circles (20 per cent), attending more live performances (14 per cent), and pursuing personal growth such as learning a foreign language or writing a book (11 per cent).

The Life Begins At 50 report, based on responses from over 2,000 UK residents aged 50 and above, took a deep dive into the life goals of those who have reached this milestone, shedding light on how their attitudes towards embracing new adventures have evolved in this chapter of their lives.

Key findings from the survey found that:

  • Over 62 per cent of over 50s said they need to embrace life more than they currently do
  • Almost two-fifths (39 per cent) consider ‘more travel’ as their ultimate goal
  • 15 per cent are focused on paying off their mortgage
  • 14 per cent want to attend more gigs and concerts.

The report confirmed what most of us already know, that age is just a number, revealing a significant number of individuals over 50 who ardently pursue fresh adventures and set new goals beyond this milestone.

Surprisingly, a majority, 62 percent of respondents, expressed a newfound outlook on life post-50, emphasising the need to wholeheartedly embrace life beyond their current levels.

Source: Staysure

It’s important to set new goals, no matter your age. They help you stay focused and open up a raft of opportunities for positive changes in your life.

For instance, making new friends later in life is a worthwhile pursuit because it lets you build connections and discover things you might have missed when you were younger. Setting a goal to master a foreign language is also beneficial, reinforcing your sense of accomplishment and personal growth.

Ryan Howsam, founder and CEO of Staysure, which commissioned the survey, said it’s “great to see people aged 50 and older adopting a zest for life and fulfilling life-long ambitions.”

“As the research suggests, this is because they now have more time for themselves and feel ready to take on new challenges,” Howsam said.

“Age shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying something they’re passionate about or block them from trying out new things.”

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