Incredible hair transformations encourage women to embrace their greys

Jun 04, 2020
Jack Martin has made a name for himself through these amazing hair transformations. Source: Instagram/Jack Martin and Getty.

Mature women everywhere will know the struggle of maintaining a constant coverage of greys that seem to pop up overnight even if they were just dyed the day before. But rather than regularly and messily covering them up with a quick box dye, women are now being encouraged to embrace the natural change rather than resist it.

American hair colourist Jack Martin made headlines earlier this year when he transformed Sharon Osbourne’s hair from its iconic deep red tone to a classically beautiful icy grey colour. According to his Instagram post, the return to her natural grey was a busy process that took Martin a total of eight hours to achieve.

And although this was one of his most high profile colours, along with actress Jane Fonda, the talented colourist who is known for his expertise in returning a healthy, fully grey head of hair to mature women, has a portfolio full of incredible transformations. Not only can he achieve the icy blonde colours shown above, but he’s also known to mix in light and dark tones to create a more natural look that makes it easier for women to maintain.

The portfolio shows women of all ages having their hair transformed from dreary and dry to a completely new luscious head of locks. The change takes years off their complexion despite grey hair traditionally feeling ‘old’.

Martin also explained how to maintain the all-over silver glow in the photo below which showed a client returning to the salon three months after her initial cut. He said: “Client is extremely happy with the way the color (sic) stayed, but she followed religiously all maintenance steps I asked her to do, purple shampoo, shampoo once a week with cold water, eliminate the use of hot tools, use a deep conditioning mask once a week.”

Women of all ages and all hair lengths have headed to this salon to achieve their ultimate colour and take away the hassle of waiting for greys to grow out. And these stunning shots are proof that grey hair has the ability to look good on absolutely anyone who gives it a go!

Would you go grey all over? Do you like these looks?

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