Forget the Vaseline! These leak-proof, anti-chafing shorts are the answer

Jan 06, 2021
Feel happy and confident this summer in new anti-chafing shorts that can comfortably be worn under your clothes. Source: Getty

Love your mermaid thighs but hate the chafe that comes with them? It’s a common problem that despite being joked about – and called “chub rub” – by many women, can cause a lot of pain, swelling, bleeding or crusting when the situation becomes severe.

Chafing generally occurs when moist skin continues to rub against skin or clothes, in a similar way to how a blister forms. It can be more common among those who frequently exercise or struggle with their weight but it can affect anyone – no matter their size or level of physical activity. And with the scorching heat this summer leading to greater sweating, the chances of developing chafing are increasing.

Now, you could grab a tub of Vaseline or nappy-rash cream to help deal with the problem but let’s face it, that feeling of greasy skin rubbing together is not ideal and it doesn’t do anything to prevent the issue from occurring.

What may help rid you of your chafing this summer though are the Modibodi anti-chafing shorts. You’ve likely heard of the company before, with its light bladder leakage undies an incredibly popular sell among over-60s, but this product takes things to the next level. Not only are they leak-proof (meaning if your bladder is not quite as strong as it used to be, then you won’t have to fret when you’re out and about) but they can stop the rubbing together of your thighs as well.

These new Modibodi shorts could help you avoid thigh chafing for good. Source: Modibodi

The shorts sit at mid-thigh level and are made with a super-soft blend of materials that sit seamlessly beneath any outfit, such as your favourite flowing frocks. And they incorporate Modibodi’s famous moderate-heavy absorbent technology, so you don’t even need to wear undies underneath them!

These shorts are a new product by Modibodi, but if their regular undies are anything to go by (having received tonnes of five-star reviews), they’re sure to be a winner. To give you a bit of insight, here’s what some women have to say about the company’s light bladder leakage underwear.

“My daughter told me about these; she has heavy periods,” one woman commented on the Modibodi website. “I told her I was having issues with bladder leaking and I was having trouble getting a liner that would stay put in my favourite style of knickers. I used them only yesterday, I went out for the full day and just love the fit. Very, very comfortable and no visible pant line.”

While another said, “I bought a pair of these for my mother after trying a pair myself. I bought mine to save pads each month. They really do work. I didn’t think they would but they really do. I bought my mother a pair as she likes to know she has a bit of protection against leaks. Brilliant idea, I will never need to buy pads again. Thanks Modibodi.”

You can wear them comfortably under your favourite summer skirts and dresses. Source: Modibodi

Like the undies, the shorts are available in black and tan to suit whichever outfit you’re wearing that day and come in a range of sizes, from 12 (medium) to 26 (6XL). Before you wear them, Modibodi recommends giving them a wash. This will activate the technology in the gusset for maximum absorbency. Then, each time after wear, rinse them in cold water, chuck them in a cold wash and hang out to dry.

It’s so easy and much better than dealing with sore thighs. Click here to make a purchase and bid farewell to chafing once and for all.

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