Make the switch! How to save money when washing your hands

Sep 24, 2020
Your hands will still be clean and germ free, but there will be less wastage! Source: Getty

Saving money has been a top priority for many this year, with the outbreak of the coronavirus stretching our finances to the maximum. It has reminded some of their days growing up in the post-war era and the need to ration supplies.

This includes food, but also our toiletries – which flew off shelves at the beginning of the year when Covid-19 first hit Australia. So, with that in mind it might be time to swap the trusty ol’ bar of soap for a soap dispenser – perhaps one that you don’t even have to touch to use (because we all know how easily the coronavirus could be spread from touching surfaces).

With regular soap dispensers, it’s easy to over-use the soap and run out of liquid quickly. But, with the Muse Direct Automatic Soap Dispenser you simply place your hand near the nozzle and the infrared sensor will detect it and release the liquid inside. It’s like the soap dispensers you see in public bathrooms around the country. They look fancy and they’re effective.

The Muse Direct Automatic Soap/Gel Dispenser is easy to use and prevents the spread of germs. Source: Muse Direct

The soap dispenser is designed to efficiently release the right amount of soap for washing and sterilisation of your hands so you won’t be using too much and wasting your money. Plus, you can use any liquid soap of choice inside.

If you like, you can even place other liquids inside including hand sanitiser, body lotion or even shampoo. Again this will minimise the spread of germs that you could get with regular bottles when you press the pump, plus could save you money in the long run.

For some added bonuses the product has moisture and leak proof technology to prevent the soap or water corroding the circuit board and battery compartment. It also has a smudge proof coating, so if the grandkids do touch it, you won’t see fingerprints or dirt on the device.

The soap dispenser comes in three handy sizes. Source: Muse Direct

You can grab the soap dispenser in four different sizes; 200ml, 300ml, 400ml and 1,000ml, with select models able to be mounted on the wall or on a stand. The sleek design will fit in perfectly with any bathroom and looks much nicer than having a plastic bottle on the bench.

And currently there’s a sale on so you can really bag a bargain. The smallest size will cost you just $35.99, while the 400ml is available for $49.50. Plus, we’ve got a special discount code for our readers, so you can get an extra 10 per cent off! Simply use the code FD10 at the checkout to save some extra dollars.

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Do you use a bar of soap or do you use a liquid one with a pump?

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