Seniors… dumped

Sep 16, 2013

“Tony Abbott has said that if elected that I will be the Minister for Seniors, and that it is a Cabinet Position”… Just 8 days before the election Bronwyn Bishop sat in front of our Editor and made this statement.   Now, two weeks later it seems Seniors are the sacrificial lamb at the post-election slaughter.  No cabinet position, no under ministry, nothing!!! Not even a word to mention that it might ever have been an under-ministry!


minister for seniors_1 Seniors have been dumped in Tony Abbott’s new cabinet, with the former Shadow Minister for Seniors stepping up to the role of Speaker and no replacement proposed for a portfolio that even resembles representing our fastest growing population base.  Seniors all over Australia had been supporting Abbott in the belief that he would offer them a voice of their own and more significant recognition of the issues that arise later in life.  In fact the only recognition of older people is that which Bronwyn Bishop herself said was much smaller and less important – the area of Aged Care which will be represented by a minister for Social Services – so only those on welfare get representation! Scary.


Yesterday, as the cabinet appointments were released, disappointment crept across our site which draws together tens of thousands of over 60s across Australia each month, and the Facebook page of our online community.


“The status quo has returned. NO ONE will be looking out for our interests. No surprises there surely. Politicians will tell us anything they think will get them elected” said one commenter, Audrey.


“As usual, nobody”, said Michael Barter.


“I object, your Honourable Speaker! Who, indeed will look after us now? Is there going to even be a Minister for Seniors? Was this known BEFORE the election, should Tony Abbott have gotten in? It’s rather a change of heart, isn’t it? There must have been SOME discussion before now .. after all, the election was little more than a week ago! I smell a rat!” said  Penny Westgarth.


More comments can be read at


It is hard to believe that the Liberals are ignoring the big issues facing almost 25% of the population.  But maybe this quote from Mr Abbott sums it up – we can only hope:


“I am trying to avoid a situation where unless something is specifically mentioned in someone’s title, it is unimportant.

“There are some things that are so important that in a sense every minister should be concerned about them.”


Do you think this “title deflation” is a good thing for the over 60s? or is it another case of hide the carrot?

Want to watch Bronwyn Bishop tell us Abbott’s commitment… see minute 4.12 of the below video.

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