Online shopping boom! 17 million Aussies turn to the internet amid Covid-19

Oct 02, 2020
More Aussies have been turning to online shopping over the past six months amid the Covid-19 lockdown. Source: Getty

The world of online shopping is taking off, with more Aussies than ever turning to the internet this year to purchase goods instead of heading in store. And, given the outbreak of the coronavirus and varied lockdown restrictions nationwide, this likely comes as no surprise.

According to a new Finder report, 88 per cent of respondents – equivalent to 17 million Australians – are doing their shopping online. In fact, Aussies are spending roughly 5.3 hours per week – around 36 working days a year – browsing the web for new things to buy.

Perhaps surprisingly for some, men confessed to spending more time than women shopping online, with 5.7 hours per week compared to 4.9 hours per week. And Aussies are spending big, with an average of $188 a week, or $9,776 a year on online shopping – including online grocery shopping.

As expected, Bessie Hassan, money expert at Finder said there’s been a dramatic rise particularly over the past six months as a reaction to the Covid-19 lockdown.

“Many Aussies cooped up inside for weeks on end would’ve turned to online shopping to alleviate the boredom,” she explained. “Online shopping is giving Australians more to choose from at increasingly competitive prices so we could see this preference for ecommerce continue past Covid.”

Amid the chaos of the coronavirus outbreak the Starts at 60 Marketplace has been launched, providing over-60s with the perfect platform to browse a range of products from hair loss treatments, to items to help with health issues such as bunions and plantar fasciitis and hampers filled with goods from Maggie Beer.

It’s a rapidly growing place for Baby Boomers to experience online shopping safely and browse products from reputable sellers – alleviating any worries of money ending up in the wrong hands. Plus, there’s always great deals on offer so you can save big bucks on essential items or presents for yourself, your friends and your family. In the past few weeks since the platform was launched there’s been plenty of sales with some of the standouts being clothes and toys for the grandkids.

There’s currently a sale on the Bamboo Body range, with a collection of items including culottes, dresses, shirts and socks. Meanwhile, Posh Active clothing – which includes a range of sportswear for Baby Boomers has 10 per cent off.

Or, if you’re planning ahead and buying Christmas presents for the grandkids already, there’s a big collection of toys on offer for the little ones.

And with the festive season quickly approaching there couldn’t be a better time to start looking for sales, so you don’t end up buying all the presents for the grandkids in one week. Hassan said during such an unpredictable time financially, this is certainly wise to do.

“We’re entering an expensive time of the year, but with enough planning you can have a stress-free silly season,” she said. “Start your Christmas shopping early. Make the most of sales season and score your presents at discount prices.

“There are just three months to go till Christmas, if you want to build up your festive fund it’s time to act now. Put a little bit of money away each pay [if you’re still working], that way you’re not caught off guard when December comes around.”

Do you online shop? Have you done more online shopping in the past six months amid the outbreak of the coronavirus?

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