Healthy winter snack ideas

When the temperature drops, it seems that so does our desire to be healthy. We tend to spend more time indoors, sit around and pack on the pounds. Whatever the reason, cold-weather habits emerge and we get caught up in an unhealthy routine.

We’ve found some great snacks to help keep you full, fuelled and satisfied. These healthy cold-weather options don’t taste like replacements for your favourite snacks either. The key is to not get bored with your healthy-eating plan. Change it up and try these winter snack ideas!

Baked apples 

The problem with hot apple pie is the crust and other sugary additives. Instead, simply slice up a few apples and heat them at approximately 150C until slightly browned. Add them to a bowl of low-fat yoghurt and you’ve got yourself a natural and healthy treat.


Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are a great alternative to snacking on salty peanuts or cashews. You’d be surprised when you grab a handful of nuts here and there, you’ve unknowingly added hundreds of calories to your diet. It’s better to snack on seeds for different nutrients; plus, they’re still filling. If you don’t just want to snack on seeds, try adding making protein balls using seeds.


Make a warm bowl of hearty oats. They are natural, contain vitamins and minerals and will definitely warm you up on a cold day. It can be ready in just a couple minutes and topped with a few sultanas for some sweetness.


It may not sound like a healthy snack but if you avoid the temptation to slather it in butter and coat it in salt, it’s actually a guilt-free snacking option.

Baked sweet potatoes crisps

Sweet potatoes are simple to make and a convenient snack that also provide heaps of nutrition. It’ll help keep your skin, teeth and eyes healthy.

Rice cakes with spread

This may sound simple and super easy because it is. This snack is yummy and healthy yet will hit the spot. Try peanut butter or add a slice of cucumber with tomato.


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