Daily Joke: The bus conductor

Aug 24, 2021
The bus conductor was handing out fines left, right and centre. Source: Getty Images

There was a bus heading out of the central business district to the outer suburbs. Four women got on, each taking their seat.

The bus conductor made his way through the bus, checking tickets and handing out fines to those who were doing the wrong thing. He approached the first lady. “Ticket please,” he asked.

The first lady said she didn’t have a ticket. The conductor fined her $20, even though her ticket would have cost $40, because she was wearing a short skirt that was exposing most of her leg.

He went up the aisle to the second lady. “Ticket please,” he said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to get a ticket,” she explained.

The conductor was not impressed and began to write her a fine. He decided that because she was wearing an even smaller skirt and revealing more leg than the first woman, her fine should only be $10.

He went up to the third woman and asked her for her ticket. “I’m sorry, I’m not carrying any money for a ticket,” the woman said.

She was sitting there in a bikini with a mesh top and the conductor could see just about everything. The conductor handed her a fine for $5.

When he got to the fourth woman, the bus conductor was wondering what sort of fine he’d be issuing her with, but didn’t fine her anything at all.

Turns out, she had her ticket.

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