Daily Joke: Parrot on a plane

Jun 21, 2021
Who's a clever cocky? Source: Getty Images

There was this guy on a plane trying to get a drink. He tried to get the attention of the air steward, but wasn’t having much luck.
Suddenly, the parrot sitting next to him leans over and squawks, “Oi! You! Get me a bloody whisky.”
Hurriedly, the steward brings the parrot back a drink, but still ignores the guy. The parrot downs the whisky in one go and then screamed out again, “Oi! You! Yes you with the push-up bra and the face full of botox. Bring me another whisky!”
Again, the steward rushes over and serves the parrot. The guy still cannot get her attention, but he’s a bit clever and realises where he is going wrong.
He shouts, “Oi! You! You with the trampish hair. Yes you, you halfwit! Bring me a bloody whisky!”
The steward rushes off to the back of the plane, but instead of coming back with a drink she reappears with two burly blokes and points to the man and the parrot.
A moment later, during freefall to imminent death, the parrot turns to the guy and says, “You know, for someone who can’t fly, you sure are a cheeky bugger.”

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