Daily Joke: Paddy’s dog runs away

Aug 06, 2021
Paddy was devastated when his dog ran away. Source: Getty Images

​Paddy is extremely upset when his dog runs away.

His wife says to him, “Paddy, why don’t you put an ad in the paper?”

Paddy thinks this is a great idea, so he does.

Paddy hasn’t heard anything back from the ad in weeks when his wife asks him, “What did you you put in the ad for our missing dog, Paddy?”

Paddy replies, “Here boy.”


On a school tour of an aquarium, a class arrives at the dolphin tank.

The guide says, “A single dolphin has over a hundred offspring.”

From the back of the group, little Johnny pipes up, “Wow! What about the married ones?”


Son: “Have you ever seen a catfish, Dad?”

Dad: “I sure have.”

Son: “How does it hold the rod?”

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