Daily Joke: Little Billy’s toilet trick

Oct 09, 2021
Boy! Grandpa is in for a bit of a shock. Source: Getty Images

Little Billy’s mom took him to the grocery store. In the middle of the cereal aisle little Billy yelled, “Mum I have to pee!”

All the other women smirked and looked judgmentally at Billy’s mum as her face turned red as a tomato. She pulled her son close.

“Listen Billy, I never want you to say that again. Next time you need to use the toilet, just tell me you have to whisper,” she said in a soft voice.

Billy agrees, and life goes on.

That weekend Little Billy and his grandpa take a rowboat out onto the lake and go fishing. Billy told his Grandpa, “Grandpa, I need to whisper.”

To which Grandpa replied, “Okay Billy, come over here and whisper in my ear.”

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