Daily Joke: Going to grandma’s for Christmas

Dec 18, 2021
Grandma's presents under the Christmas tree. Source: Getty Images

Two brothers went to their grandma’s for Christmas. The younger opened up his gift and was delighted to find a nice scarf his grandma had knitted for him.

The older found a card with his name on it. Inside it read: “Merry Christmas, Love Grandma”.

Later that night the older brother complained to his brother, “Why does grandma love you so much more than me?”

“She does not! Why would you say that?” said the younger.

“Because every year you get a gift and all I ever get is a card.”

“That’s not true, I’ve seen you get gifts!” said the younger.

Rolling his eyes the older demanded, “When I was little, but it’s been years. All I get is cards. In fact, I will bet you next year I get a card again.”

“It’s a bet then, let’s make it $100,” smiled the brother.

“$100 I get a card again next year. Deal!” the older glared back.

The next year came around and they both rushed to the tree. To the younger’s delight, below the tree was a package with his older brothers name.

He chuckled, “Hope you brought my money big bro.”

After dinner the older brother retrieved his gift. As he opened it a smile came across his face.

The younger brother nudged closer and peeked inside. He too smiled, “Hah! That’ll be $100, you got a sweater! Told you!”

Smugly the older pulled the present out and with a grin he said, “No I don’t. This isn’t a sweater, I got a cardigan.”

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