Daily Joke: Finding the lion’s birthday entertainment

Oct 07, 2021
The lion wants entertainment for his upcoming birthday party. Source: Getty Images

The lion’s birthday is coming up and he wants entertainment. He tells the zebra to find the funniest animal in the whole kingdom. In order to do this the zebra decides to hold a competition in which animals will have to compete in front of a judge. Whoever the first one is to make the judge laugh wins and will perform for the lion.

The first thing the zebra does is look for the most serious animal. He walks up to a tortoise and asks, “Hey tortoise, I’m holding a competition and all you have to do is sit there and laugh if you find an animal to be funny. Will you do it?”

The tortoise responds, “… Yes.”

The day of the competition arrives and all the animals have gathered to compete. Since this is for the lion, the zebra decides to raise the stakes to ensure every animal delivers their full potential. He says, “Animals, your goal is to make the tortoise laugh. If you are able to do so, you win and get to perform for the lion. If you fail to make the tortoise laugh, then you will become the lion’s meal.”

The competition begins and up first is the monkey. He jumps from tree to tree, does flips and makes funny noises. The zebra becomes pleased and looks at the tortoise and asks what he thinks, but the tortoise says nothing. Since there is no reaction from the judge, the monkey is taken away to be fed to the lion.

Up next is the ostrich. He runs around in circles and is moving his long neck. He jumps and does funny moves. The zebra is once again pleased and turns to see the reaction of the tortoise, but there is none. There’s nothing the zebra can do and they have the ostrich taken away.

This pattern goes on and the zebra becomes worried that they won’t have someone for the lion’s party. Suddenly, the next animal approaches, the hippopotamus. The zebra knows that he won’t be able to perform any fun tricks and just as he’s about to have him taken away, he hears a chuckle from the tortoise. That chuckle turns into a full blown roar of laughter.

The zebra is bewildered and asks the tortoise, “Hey what’s so funny? He hasn’t done anything! He is literally just standing there!”

The tortoise responds, “Ha! Ha! That monkey was hilarious!”

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