Daily Joke: Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the city

Arnold Schwarzenegger was out in the city one day, when he stopped off to do some shopping. Source: Getty Images

Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the city doing press for his latest movie one day. On the way home, he called his son to make sure he had all the shopping he needed from the supermarket. His son told him that he needed some coffee, so Arnold headed to the supermarket to get the groceries and added coffee to his list.

On the way to the checkout, Arnold noticed the supermarket still had Easter eggs for sale. Seeing all the Easter eggs brought back memories of his first Easter as a dad, and the joy it gave him to give his children Easter eggs. He decided he would recreate the magic, especially considering the year everyone was having.

The cashier noticed all the eggs and chocolate he was buying and had to ask, “Why are you buying so much of our Easter eggs and chocolate?”

Arnold simply replied, “I still love Easter, baby.”

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