Daily Joke: An old lady’s woe

The old woman was dressed in a stylish black outfit and was crying. Source: Getty Images

One day a young man was walking and saw and old woman in a stylish black dress sitting on a bench in front of a cemetery crying. In her hands was a heart-shaped locket.

To comfort the woman, the young man said, “I’m sorry about the loss of your husband.”

“What?” said the old woman. “Oh no, my husband is fine. In fact, he’s perfect. He’s a bit younger than me, and he cooks and cleans and does all our shopping. He’s not interested in watching sports, but we do enjoy watching the murder mysteries on television together. I can’t remember the last time we had a cross word with each other. He’s an absolute blessing. I love him!”

“Oh, that sounds wonderful,” said the young man. “But, why are you crying?”

“I’ve lost something important from this locket of mine,” the old woman said.

“Oh no! Is it a photograph? I could help you look for it,” the young man said.

“No! It’s my address. I’ve forgotten where I live.”

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