Good as new! Woman reveals 10-minute hack for cleaning cloudy wine glasses

Aug 23, 2020
The super simple cleaning hack is absolutely perfect for getting sparkling glassware! Source: Getty.

There’s nothing worse than watching your favourite wine glasses go from sparkling clean to a cloudy, fingerprint-covered mess. But cleaning them doesn’t have to be a massive hassle according to one Australian mum who says you can return them to their original crystal-clear state in just 10 minutes flat.

The Melbourne woman, who goes by @Mama_Mila_, says you don’t need much to achieve the ultimate clean glass – in fact all you need to get your hands on is some white vinegar, warm water and a microfibre cloth.

Mila posted the hack on the video sharing app Tik Tok where she is known for sharing various cleaning hacks using all-natural products such as bicarb soda, vinegar and eucalyptus oil, rather than traditional cleaning products with potentially harmful chemicals.


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In the video, Mila explains you should first put some warm water into a sink or bowl before adding two cups of white vinegar to the mix. Then, submerge the glasses and leave to soak for about 10 minutes. Vinegar is said to break down the mineral build-up that adds to the cloudy appearance.

Once you remove the glasses from the water, gently wipe them down with a microfibre cloth while focusing closely on any particularly stubborn areas. The cloudiness should then be instantly removed so you can enjoy glasses that are as sparkling as they were on the day you bought them.

The home cleaning expert also shared tips on the other places vinegar could be used around the house. Along with cleaning glassware, Mila also suggested using it on reading glasses and sunglasses as well. And if you’re sick of stiff or scratchy towels, you can also use it as a way of achieving ‘spa-worthy’ towels at home.

According to Mila, the trick starts with setting your washing machine to between 40 and 60 degrees celsius. Then, you throw your towels in and add liquid detergent along with half a cup of plain white vinegar instead of the usual fabric softener.

In this instance, the vinegar is used as a natural, chemical-free substitute to fabric softener to break down the residue from detergents which then leaves the towels soft and fresh – making them absolutely perfect to snuggle up in when you jump out of the shower!

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Have you tried this hack? What's your favourite cleaning secret?

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