Grandma’s ‘genius’ kitchen hack to remove additional grease will blow your mind

Oct 04, 2022
This grandma gives a 'genius' kitchen hack online. Source: @brunchwithbabs/TikTok

A Grandma has taken to social media to provide a “genius” hack for the removal of excess fat while cooking.

Sharing the hack to her TikTok account, Brunch with Babs posted her “grandma tip” as part of her “motherly advice” series, in which she shares her wealth of knowledge on cooking tips and tricks.

“Here’s a grandma tip to de-grease that sauce,” the grandmother of eight said in her video.

“Just take a ladle filled with ice, just set it right on top of your sauce and let it sit. The cold from the ice is going to attract all that grease.”

As Babs lifts her ladle, it’s coated in a layer of fat, which she wipes off with a paper towel before instructing viewers to repeat the process until the desired amount of grease has been removed.

@brunchwithbabs You will never have to worry about greasy sauce or gravy again!!! #motherlyadvice #grandmasoftiktok #grandmatips ♬ original sound – everyone’s grandmother

The TikToker’s tip was met with an influx of appreciative comments.

“This is genius!,” one person wrote.

“Gonna have to try that my next gumbo or chilli, heart burn sucks.”

“Thank you. I love your videos. Always learning something new,” one appreciative person commented.

“I think my grandma would be so happy to know how much I’m learning from you that we didn’t have the time for.”

“OMG! This might be the useful trick tiktok has ever taught me!,” commented another.

The TikToker, lovingly titled “everyone’s grandma”, doesn’t just keep her tips to the kitchen, Babs includes multiple household and life hacks on her account.

The social media grandma’s videos receive hundreds of thousands of views, with her laundry tips being some of her more popular videos.

With over 610,000 views, Babs’ hack on an “Iron Free” summer went viral.

“Hi everybody, it’s Babs,” she begins the clip.

“Do you love to iron on a beautiful sunny day? Well me neither.”

Babs’ brilliant suggestion involves throwing a handful of ice cubes into the dryer with a couple of wrinkled items for 10-15 minutes.

She pulls the dresses out wrinkle-free, showing just how “easy peasy” the hack is, eliminating the need for the iron.

@brunchwithbabs Wrinkle free summer #motherlyadvice ♬ original sound – everyone’s grandmother

Just like the degreasing hack, Babs was met with a flood of appreciation for her laundry hack.

“Babs, very cool idea, I will definitely have to try this,” someone commented.

“I literally just gasped watching this. Thanks so much!,” said another.

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