TV hosts lose it over hilariously inappropriate kids’ drawings

Hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield couldn't contain themselves when they saw some of the very funny pictures created by children. Source:

If you’ve ever had a child or grandchild who’s been left alone with some paper and crayons, chances are they’ve created some hilarious masterpieces.

While they do their best to draw everything from family members to pets and plants to fictional characters, their creations don’t always look like they’re supposed to and the results can sometimes take an inappropriate or X-rated turn.

A recent segment on British talk show This Morning highlighted some of the most hilarious children’s drawing fails and left hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in fits of laughter.

The segment began with a drawing submitted by a viewer named Mirren. Her four-year-old daughter drew a picture of Santa Claus delivering presents, but when the picture was displayed on screen, it was very clear that it could easily be mistaken for something far dirtier.

“Definitely delivered something,” Holly quipped, as Phillip burst into laughter over the drawing.

Another viewer named Tracey shared her son’s drawing of a flower, which looked more like the private parts of a female.

“He was so proud, he was waving it around the playground,” Holly explained. “Isn’t it pretty?”

“It’s a lovely picture,” Phillip giggled.

Another drawing, this time submitted by a viewer named Kirsty, showed a small girl trying to paint the words ‘no boys allowed’. Instead, she used just the first letter of each word, spelling out a very inappropriate word. By this stage, both the hosts were laughing uncontrollably, with Holly even facing away from the camera to try and compose herself.

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Things got even funnier when another child attempted to draw a snowman wearing a scarf. Instead, it looked like the snowman had breasts.

“That’s a scarf!” the hosts laughed.

Other hilarious errors included a child who drew a cannon shooting confetti for Father’s Day which looked like a male’s private parts and another kid who drew his parents in bed together with a suspicious lump appearing under the sheets.

“That’s a knee under the covers,” Phillip assured viewers.

The clip has become a hit online, with viewers around the world sharing creations from their own children and grandchildren.

One person on Twitter shared a photo and said: “My son’s letter to Santa.”

Another viewer shared her daughter’s drawing of her chocolate brownie and ice cream. Of course, it looked nothing like it was supposed to.

A third even shared her daughter’s creation of Olaf the snowman from the animated film Frozen.

“This reminds me of when my daughter tried to make Olaf out of playdoh,” the viewer said. “Just a shame the nose was pink and not on his face.”

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Have your children or grandchildren unintentionally created an inappropriate piece of art? Did you find the video funny?

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