Chaser hits back at cruel trolls as she’s beaten by biggest-ever solo winner

Chaser Jenny Ryan (left) lost to contestant Judith. Source: YouTube/The Chase.

It’s rare for a contestant to come on to any The Chase show, whether in Australia or the UK, and wipe the floor with a Chaser. But that’s exactly what happened this week.

Contestant Judith appeared on the UK version of the show against Chaser Jenny Ryan, better known as ‘The Vixen’, where she became the show’s biggest ever solo winner – taking home £70,000 (AU$128,000) following an incredible showdown.

With just seconds left on the clock, they were both asked: “A ragamuffin is what breed of pet?” While The Vixen answered incorrectly with ‘dog’, Judith then got the right answer with ‘cat’ – and she appeared gobsmacked as host Bradley Walsh announced she’d won.

Showing a rare moment of true sportsmanship and kindness, The Vixen stood up at the end of the show and gave Judith a standing ovation – congratulating her on an “outstanding” performance.

However, shortly after the episode aired, the Chaser was hit with cruel comments on social media from trolls who began calling for her to be fired for making the mistakes in the final round.

When one person shared a GIF simply saying, “You’re fired”, she replied: “Oh baby no, that’s not how this works x.”

She went on to spectacularly slam another troll who called the 37-year-old “thick” in a now-deleted post, replying: “At least I know that it’s ‘would have’, ‘you’re’, and the correct place to use ‘with respect’ i.e. not directly before being disrespectful, rude and completely incorrect. You’re also short of a couple of question marks.”

When the troll replied: “Ohh comprehension police…” The Vixen then hit back: “Yes, I fully comprehend your original Tweet, and it was rude. If I was going to Tweet somebody claiming they are thick, then I’d make quite sure my spelling and grammar was spot on, for the avoidance of irony.”

Meanwhile, when another wrote “youre s**t”, she then simply replied: “You’re missing an apostrophe.”

Seeing the onslaught of online abuse, Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett stepped in to defend his friend, writing: “Interesting, Jenny has by FAR the best win-loss record on #thechase over the last three years yet the moment she loses (to a great solo 20) somebody calls for her to be sacked. Everyday Sexism?”

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Shortly afterwards, Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty jumped onboard too following her recent stint on I’m a Celebrity, writing:”I have an absolutely horrific loss coming up that’s going to make @jenlion look like Kevin Ashman.”

After slamming several more trolls, The Vixen left the entire ordeal on a lighter note as she finally tweeted: “Well, it’s not all glamour. My last three conversations were with my mother, discussing the fruit content of various marmalades.”

Are you a fan of The Chase? What do you think of this winner’s final round?

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