‘I was mortified’: Denise Scott recalls horror of getting a DIY perm

Denise Scott explained the horrific moment her mum gave her a perm as a child. Source: Twitter/ Studio 10

The horror of getting a bad haircut can be hard to get over and it seems the experience of getting a home perm as a child was all too much for Studio 10‘s Denise Scott, as she revealed she was “mortified” after her mum decided to forgo the hairdresser and do the job herself.

There is no doubt many Baby Boomers headed to the salon in decades past to try out the hugely popular curly perm, but for most this probably didn’t occur until they were at least a teenager – and usually of their own free will.

The story was different for Denise though who revealed she had little say in the matter when her beloved mum chose to drastically change up her daughter’s straight locks when she was just six-years old.

While discussing bad hair cuts on Monday morning’s episode of the Channel Ten program the comedian decided to share the horrifying incident.

“Have I told you before what my mother did to me?” she asked her fellow hosts. To which Sarah Harris promptly replied in curiosity: “No.”

Denise added: “[She] Gave me a home perm when I was six. She had the Queen Elizabeth perm and I had straight, long hair and she gave me this perm.”

Thinking back to the moment she added: “I looked 87!”

Her fellow hosts, including Kerri-Anne Kennerley, burst into laughter before guest panellist and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here star Yvie Jones exclaimed: “I wish you had a photo of that.”

While Denise is known for sharing hilarious stories from her life, the panellist opened up about something much more personal recently during a chat with Starts at 60 recently.

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The actress discussed why she hasn’t married her partner John of 38 years and father of her two children, despite being in a loving relationship.

Denise said while she’s not ruled out marriage in the future, it’s not something either of them have ever focused on – and she explained it’s likely down to her never wanting to be tied down by a contract.

“I always joked that I haven’t made a decision yet, I don’t like to rush into things!” she joked. “For me, I was a bit of a, not a commitment-phobe, but I didn’t like contracts. I think that’s why I liked the idea of stand-up comedy, because I didn’t have to sign a contract or have a boss.

“I think it’s the same with getting married, I didn’t like the idea of someone saying, ‘Well now you have to stay with this person for the rest of your life’. I think that was it for me.”

Asked if she’s ruled it out, she said: “I haven’t ruled it out! John loves an event, he loves a big public event!”

Have you ever had experience at the hairdressers? Have you had a perm?

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