‘Damn girl!’ Karl Stefanovic gobsmacked by woman’s dramatic 40kg weight loss

Sep 10, 2019
Amanda Hobson debuted an incredible weight loss transformation on program This Time Next Year. Source: Channel Nine/ This Time Next Year

Karl Stefanovic has been left gobsmacked by an Aussie woman’s incredible weight loss, calling out “damn girl” as the 40-year-old walked onto the stage of his new program this week.

There have been many amazing success stories from the TV host’s recently released show This Time Next Year but Amanda Hobson’s 40kg transformation truly had him on the edge of his seat. In an episode aired on Monday night, the mother-of-two struggled to contain her emotions as she shared her pledge to lose 40kg by her 40th birthday, after being dumped by her husband of just six weeks.

Left with little self-worth or confidence in who she had become, Amanda explained to Karl: “[The weight loss] is pretty important. I’ve just had a cr***y year and I think I’d like to feel like ‘me’ when I’m 40.”

However, Amanda said her 110kg weight hadn’t just affected her wellbeing but her physical health as well, with her doctor warning she could die soon if she didn’t do something to change her size. The mum described herself as an emotional eater and said she has been through an up and down journey of weight loss and gain – but was determined to make a permanent change and create a better future for her children.

“I have a heart condition so I see a doctor fairly frequently,” she continued. “And when they turn around and tell you you’re obese, it’s kind of a wake-up call.” Asked by Karl what that means, she responded: “It pretty much means you’re going to die because you’re fat.”

Adding: “I can’t leave my kids. I’m not ready to leave my kids. I want to be able to take them to the park, run around with them. I hate myself, I hate the way I look, I hate the way I feel, I’m not setting a good example for my kids.”

Determined to shed the kilos, Amanda explained she had enlisted the help of not one, but two personal trainers and would be exercising five or even six days a week to meet her goal. Joking they may kill her, she explained it was her time to take action and tackle the problem head on.

“This is my year,” she announced. “I’m reclaiming myself. I’m putting myself first!” And that’s exactly what she did, appearing one year later looking absolutely amazing in a tightly fitting dress, showing off her new figure with a big smile spread across her face.

Clearly impressed with Amanda’s transformation, a shocked Karl said: “Damn girl! [You’re] a different person!” To which Amanda replied: “It’s changed my life. And I hated the person I was. You know, I came out here a year ago – hated it. And now I love me!”

To make things even better the mum explained she and her husband had reconciled their relationship after the short break up following their wedding and are doing excellent with a promising future ahead. Her story has inspired others with many taking to social media to congratulate Amanda for sticking to her goal and making a change for not only herself, but her family.

You’re an amazing woman! So beautiful inside and out. Well done,” one person wrote on Facebook. While another added: “Wow! Incredible transformation.”

Meanwhile a friend of Amanda’s commented: “Amanda you are just bloody incredible! Love you so much! It didn’t matter to any of us what you looked like … however, it mattered to you … we love you so much … You are an inspiration to all!” And a second said: So super dooper proud of you Amanda, you inspire me always.”

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Do you like watching This Time Next Year? Have you been through a weight loss journey like Amanda?

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