From cat couches to fruit jackets: Knitters get creative amid Covid-19 lockdown

May 03, 2020
Have a look at some of the most interesting creations to come out of quarantine. Source: Getty.

Being stuck indoors for days on end can start to drive even the biggest homebodies wild after too long. But with no certainty of when this national lockdown will be lifted, allowing ‘normal’ life to resume, many people are turning to hobbies and crafts in a bid to keep themselves occupied.

However, after exhausting the everyday options such as knitting scarves and comfy sweaters, or crocheting blankets, many people are now turning their hands to more unusual creations. And, although these creations might not be as useful or practical as some others, the outcome is definitely more fun!

Cat couches

One of the biggest goals that crafters have had during lockdown is to make life just a bit more comfortable for their cats. And it just so happened that the solution to this came in the form of whipping up tiny, yet impressive crocheted couches for their feline friends to curl up on throughout the day.

You guys said it would happen and it finally did! (Four months later.) My cat is finally sitting on the sofa I crocheted for her. 😊 from blackcats

Pet hats

Although these couches are spoiling cats to no end, other crafters have chosen another way to treat their pets by giving them a cool new accessory instead. And as a result, now cats and dogs that are stuck home can parade around the house in their fancy new handmade hats!


Meanwhile, others in the crafting world have decided that an everyday cardboard bookmark just wasn’t fancy enough for their quarantine adventures. So instead, they’ve whipped themselves up a much more exciting monster-inspired piece to use for their books.

Finger hats

For those crafters who enjoy the smaller things in life, these miniature hats are perfect for wearing around the house on the tips of fingers, despite their lack of actual use. They’re also great for sending off to grandkids who will no doubt fall in love with the cute accessories.

Fruit jackets

Others have made the decision to create highly impractical but irresistibly cute jackets to keep their fruit warm. Apple jackets come with a button and all to make sure your fruit looks as stylish as possible during quarantine.

Fake taxidermy

And for those animal lovers who are looking to hang something on their wall – why not try these completely fake crocheted taxidermy plaques that can be shown off as a decorative piece? These cool wall hangings not only look fantastic but they’re also a fun way to showcase the hard work that’s been put in during quarantine.

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What have you created while stuck in doors? Do you feel more creative now?

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