Get a great-looking, nice-smelling beard with these top tips

Nov 11, 2020
Keep that beard looking and feeling great by following these simple steps. Source: Getty

Beards are super-fashionable right now for men of all ages (and it’s just fine for ladies to have them now too if they wish), but what may not be so super is that any old scruffy beard doesn’t cut it any more. The look is less lumberjack, more Hugh Jackman (when he’s Hugh Jackson, not Wolverine!).

The good news is that achieving a sleek bearded look is far easier if you have the right products, as well as a good barber for regular shaping. And Banjos Beards has just the range of items you need. The company has made a name for itself in Australia and New Zealand for helping men get great beards, whether its long and lush or short and perfectly groomed they’re aiming for.

You can view the full Banjos Beards products here on the Starts at 60 Marketplace, including a Beard Grooming Kit that contains all the essentials. But in case you need a little more assistance to go with your product, we’ve put together some top tips for those beard-loving gents (and the partners who love them and think some beard products make a great gift ;-)).

Keep it neat with regular trims

No matter what length beard you’re aiming for, it’s not ideal to let it go wild with weeks or months between trims. If your beard is on the shorter side you’ll probably have to trim every second day to keep it looking sharp, whereas if it’s a full beard, once or twice a week should be enough.

Wash often with beard shampoo

While we can spend hours washing and styling the hair on our head, upkeep is a lot less intense for a beard. That said, a quick splash of water isn’t enough – your facial hair requires a bit of love and attention too. A good quality beard shampoo and conditioner, such as you can select from the Banjo Beards range, is ideal and will help to keep your beard clean, soft, shiny and healthy. Plus, it will make it a lot easier to apply any products – yep, they exist so read on.!

Tame unruly hairs with products

Facial hair can be a little unruly but there are products that can make your beard behave, including beard oil and beard balm. Not only do these products help to keep your beard smooth and styled in the way you prefer, but they can help to reduce irritation – anyone who’s suffered the itch of growing a beard knows how aggravating this is – as well as stop dandruff (this is a thing for beards too!), help it to grow and make it smell nice.

Banjo Beards’ oil and balm tick all those boxes, with the products scientifically designed to moisturise and strengthen your beard and skin. The oil is made from tea tree oil, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil, almond oil, vitamin E and aloe vera. And the balm is a combination of argan oil, mango butter, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, beeswax and sweet orange essential oil.

All you have to do is apply three to four drops of beard oil every day to the palm of your hand, then spread evenly throughout your beard. For the balm distribute a small amount through your beard using a brush or comb to help smooth out wild hair.

Both of these products have received rave reviews from customers, who said they’ve really helped to transform their beard.

“Nice, natural-smelling beard oil that leaves my beard feeling great,” one user commented online. “I’ve noticed some good beard growth but I mostly keep buying it because it leaves my skin feeling healthy and reduces that annoying beard itch.”

Another converted user said: “The smell is like no other. The balm is very light and smooth. The hold is pretty good for the most part especially if you have a full, medium-to-long beard. Also, a little goes a long way believe it or not. Won’t disappoint”.

Buy a beard comb

It may sound a little odd if you’ve never used one before, but a beard comb or brush could do wonders for your beard. If your beard is on the longer side, it can remove any knots and tame the frizz, while if it’s a shorter beard it can help to keep those little hairs in place (with the help of a balm and some oil).

You want to comb from the bottom up to help work through any tangles and create a fuller appearance. Then once it’s nice and smooth, comb back down into whatever style you desire. And don’t forget about the moustache!

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What are your tips for taking care of a beard?

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