Shots fired! Piers Morgan takes aim at 007

Daniel Craig looking suave and sophisticated. Source: Getty

Controversial British broadcaster Piers Morgan has lined up his latest celebrity casualty, taking a pot shot at Daniel Craig for the outfit he wore to the No Time To Die premiere in London this week.

Craig, 53, donned a trademark Bond bow tie, white shirt and black trousers, but broke with tradition and paired the ensemble with a pink velvet jacket, prompting Morgan to Tweet:

“O dear O (7) dear. James Bond would never wear a garish pink suede dinner jacket. You’re supposed to be a steely-eyed assassin with exemplary sartorial taste, Mr Craig … not an Austin Powers tribute act.”

Morgan’s comments have attracted more than 7000 likes, although it appears not everyone on the Twittersphere agrees with him:

“Chris Hemsworth didn’t go dressed as Thor to The Avengers premiere?” replied one user.

“Um, FYI, Mr Craig isn’t actually a steely-eyed assassin with exemplary taste. He’s an actor,” said another.

“Daniel Craig does his own stunts, losing two teeth, a torn shoulder, sprained ankles and knees, tore both calf muscles and continued filming with a broken leg. He can wear whatever he likes. You walked off on live TV because you didn’t like a question from a weatherman.”

Morgan recently accepted a new role with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation after his dramatic Good Morning Britain exit.

The outspoken broadcaster is renowned for airing his views on the rich and famous, with the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle one of the most memorable recent targets of his vitriol.

Earlier this month, Morgan won a case against Markle, who he accused of lying about mental health struggles.

It’s not the first time Morgan has criticised Craig, with the BBC reporting on the broadcaster’s comments about the actor’s “masculinity” when he carried his baby in a pouch.

For his part, Craig has remained silent, perhaps indicating he has no time to fight, as well as no time to die.

What do you think of Daniel Craig's pink jacket?

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